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Several main parameters in the selection and configuration of elevator

Mar 22, 2017

First introduced the elevator configuration commonly used 2 concepts:

(1) conveying capacity. The number of passengers that can be transported by a single ladder or group ladder over 1 time periods.

(2) average run time. For 1 elevators, the average value of the time interval of a car leaving the main floor for the last 2 times; for the N group control elevator, the time should be divided by n.

The main parameters of the elevator selection configuration are the following:

(1) number of elevators. According to the use of the building and the flow of personnel to calculate the minimum investment to meet the reasonable vertical transport requirements. Some according to the number of elevators per hundred people need to calculate, and some of the per capita area of the building to calculate, the scientific method is to carry out traffic.

(2) rated load. The number of elevators and the rated load are mutually affected and should be reasonably matched. The large fixed load can reduce the number of elevator, saving construction area and the cost of the elevator, but will lead to an increased probability of stop, passengers out of car long time, lift average interval time increased; the small constant load weight is the need to increase the number of elevator, occupied construction area and lift cost increases, but the average operation interval reduce the time. The effective area of the car can be determined according to the rated load.

(3) rated speed. When the rated speed should be taken into account, such as lift height and passenger flow. It is not appropriate to increase the rated speed of the elevator when the elevator stops are short. The high speed elevator can not reach the rated speed in the short stop interval, and the higher the speed of the elevator, the greater the investment of the safety device.

(4) opening and closing time of car. Should choose the right way to open the door, the speed of the machine performance, the width of the door, etc.. The width of the door should be chosen according to the width of the well, the width of the car and the location of the elevator to the layout and other factors to consider, the larger the width of the door to allow passengers to enter and exit the car smoothly.

The selection of the main parameters of the elevator configuration should be based on the actual situation of the building, the specific configuration of the elevator should be determined by the owners, architects, elevator engineers to determine.

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