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Reflections on the death of a father-in-law falling into an elevator shaft

Oct 12, 2018

On September 29, a man and his father-in-law waited for the elevator outside the landing door. For some purpose, the man suddenly pulled out the elevator key and opened the door. When his father-in-law went to explore, he fell into the elevator shaft and was rescued. Invalid death.

After watching the relevant surveillance videos, the editors felt that the following points deserve our reflection.

First of all, the elevator key should prevent abuse. Why does the man hold the elevator key? The editor believes that there are two possibilities: First, the man is equipped with an elevator key for the corresponding qualification of the elevator practitioner; secondly, the man is a non-elevator practitioner, but has obtained the elevator key by some means.

For the first possibility, the man violated the elevator key usage management system. According to the 1.4th requirement of TSG T7001-2009, the elevator use unit shall formulate the elevator key use management system.

The elevator key management system is mainly used to prevent the abuse of the elevator key and to restrain the user of the elevator key. The following figure shows the elevator key usage management system established by an elevator user.

For the second possibility, the man is unlicensed. So, how can non-elevator practitioners hold elevator keys? The editor first searched on an online shopping platform and found that all kinds of elevator keys were sold. It can be determined that there are many other channels for obtaining the elevator key.

Secondly, using the elevator key to open the landing door requires protection and warning. Why did the man use the elevator key to open the landing door? It can be seen from the monitoring that the man first operates the call button outside the elevator door on the left side and then moves to the outside of the elevator door on the right side. It may be that the elevator has failed and the man is trying to open the door to find out. Of course, other possibilities are not excluded. Judging from the way men open the door, it should not be the first time to use the elevator key, it can be determined that he has certain security protection. However, for his father-in-law, there may not be relevant professional knowledge, so that the body will enter the elevator shaft and an accident will occur.

Finally, the safety education of elevators still has a long way to go. In recent years, the state has carried out a series of elevator safety education, some use text, some use animation, and some use video, which has achieved good results. However, there are still some people who do not have any knowledge of elevator safety. When they are in danger, they cannot help themselves or help others.

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