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Passenger elevator decoration should pay attention to matters

Jan 29, 2019

Today, China's elevator technology has developed in parallel with technology around the world. In this space where imagination can be fully utilized, there are many self-improving designers who are constantly working on elevator decoration. They will coexist with elevators and spiritual and material civilizations. Modern d├ęcor blends in and creates many amazing masterpieces. However, it is worth mentioning that the aesthetic and safety issues of the elevator car design process are often overlooked by people.


(1) Overweight after car decoration


In the relevant information for many years, the elevator decoration caused the weight of the car to change, resulting in a balance factor that did not meet the requirements, resulting in a lot of accidents in the elevator. After the decoration of the elevator car, the specific gravity is about 320kg according to the weight of the 1 ton car. After the decoration, the weight exceeds 380kg. In order to make the elevator return to the base point (that is, the original balance coefficient), the weight must be increased by 190kg at the same time, that is, the total weight of the traction machine is 570kg. Of course, the elevator design has a certain amount of overweight reserved data. However, exceeding the number will cause different degrees of metal fatigue in the main engine, gears, main shafts, and various steel ropes and cable rafts. Because of this kind of consequences, any test tool can't work. If the speed of the cable boring is deepened, it can only be judged by experience. The elevator itself is overweight, so that the elevator can be easily buffered without one second, which may cause various accidents in the elevator, especially the high-speed ladder and the machine room-less elevator. Therefore, in the decoration design, it is necessary to control a certain decoration weight. Every year around the world, there are various accidents caused by the overhaul of the elevator after renovation. However, it has not yet received real attention. In elevator decoration design, we should try not to choose too many heavy materials.


(2) The car decoration should be kept with a life-saving window (escape port)


When the elevator is running and suddenly an accident occurs, such as not being able to return to the leveling, the car door cannot be opened, and the car is of course in the mezzanine. When the operator rescues people, he needs to use the car top life-saving window to rescue the trapped passengers. If there is no in-situ retention of the life-saving window in the decoration, it will increase the inconvenience and slow time for the rescuer. Passengers trapped for more than a second will be more dangerous (first is psychological fear), so in the design process should pay attention to the life-saving window and the aesthetics of the decoration at the same time, can not be beautiful and ignore the escape way. Wood is the protagonist because of the proximity of humans to nature and the materials used for decorating. If the car uses too much wood, it may cause an unfortunate fire. Of course, fire-resistant paint can be applied to the surface of the wood according to fire-fighting practices during the application process. However, since the car may cause aging damage to the outer skin during long-term operation of the car, the space of the car is limited. Once the power supply is in contact with the wood and is in contact with the fire, in a small space, if there is a fire smoke, the passenger will be saved without a door. As a professional manufacturer, this small detail should be placed in the safety specification in the design.

Of course, the user's request is that our contractor should take full responsibility for the responsibility and safety of the passengers, and fully consider the problems of possible overloading and life-saving window setting after the car is renovated. Of course, there are other safety details that we should pay more attention to, pay attention to where the passenger elevator is used to decorate the elevator car. Elevator safety is the premise of the elevator's beautiful appearance. Only on this basis can we play more and more perfect design schemes, so that our commonly used ice-cold car becomes warm and pleasing to the eye.


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