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Owners need to know about common problems in elevator maintenance

Sep 18, 2018

The meaning and purpose of elevator maintenance

Elevator maintenance is a routine inspection of elevator components, removal of dust and debris, and commissioning of safety devices. By patrolling, the potential failure is eliminated to reduce the occurrence of elevator failure.

However, the maintenance of the elevator does not mean that it will not malfunction.

Why do the owners think that the elevator is always bad?

In some new residential areas, many owners use the passenger elevator as a freight elevator. Carts filled with finishing materials enter and exit the elevator, which easily collides with the elevator doors and damages the elevator. The transportation of ultra-long and ultra-wide decoration materials is often forcibly inserted into the elevator. This kind of behavior not only blocks the elevator door for a long time, affects the use of others, but also easily causes the elevator to malfunction. The packaging of the decoration materials (such as plastic bags, wooden strips, straps, etc.) falls into the elevator doorway and the interior of the elevator. After the elevator runs, it will easily cause the elevator to malfunction. There are also high temperature seasons, summer thunderstorms, wet weather in the southern rainy season or water test in the northern heating season, which are also external factors of elevator failure.

In addition, the elevator needs to be serviced once every half month, and the owner may feel that the elevator is “always bad”.

The load, internal structure and freight elevator of the passenger ladder are very different. If the passenger elevator is used as a freight elevator, it is easy to cause partial load. If the heavy object is placed on the side of the elevator car, the car will be tilted, and the passengers will be scattered when standing. . The internal structure of the passenger ladder is precise, the internal dimension is 5-10 mm, and the maximum running clearance is only 25 mm. Therefore, the heavy cargo is transported by the passenger ladder, resulting in high elevator failure rate and shortening the service life of the elevator.

Elevator inspection certificate has expired, why not check

The elevator is a special equipment, and the elevator that is maintained and maintained must be tested by the special equipment management unit before it can be used. Elevators that fail or fail to detect are strictly prohibited and will be subject to high fines if used privately.

Some owners will say that the elevator certificate has expired, because in the actual operation, the elevator will be posted in the elevator after the annual inspection is completed and the management unit delivers the money.

Why is the elevator maintenance staff not present immediately after the owner’s repair?

Elevator maintenance personnel also undertake maintenance work for multiple elevators. When the elevator fails, it will be repaired according to the emergency situation of the elevator failure and the order of repair. If you encounter a large area of power outage and you are trapped in the elevator, please do not worry, the elevator car is equipped with ventilation equipment, not sealed, will not cause oxygen deficiency.

Elevator maintenance personnel will give priority to the trapped people in the elevator. Please wait patiently after the elevator is repaired.

Why is there electricity in the owner's home, but the elevator is out of power?

The elevator uses three 380V power supplies that are separately supplied to the elevator, which is different from the owner's 220V power supply.

Some owners will find that the maintenance personnel said that the elevator is out of power, but the elevator is still showing. The elevator uses three items of electricity. If any one or two of the three items are out of power, the power supply is out of phase, which will cause the elevator to display normally but cannot operate.

Need your understanding and help

When you find the word on the elevator screen, please wait patiently or go home through other elevators and fire exits, do not hit the elevator door.

When the elevator maintenance personnel focus on the work in the elevator shaft or the machine room, the sudden knocking will affect the work of the staff, which may cause a safety accident such as a sudden slip.

Do not ride if you find that the elevator is malfunctioning.

When you are in the elevator repair, please describe the elevator failure as much as possible, such as whether the elevator is on several floors, whether the outbound button can be illuminated, and whether the elevator door switch is normal.

Your description is very important to us and can provide us with the direction of repair for quick and direct troubleshooting.


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