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Overall plan for elevator demolition construction

Mar 28, 2018

1. Check before removing the elevator:

1 Understand the layout of the construction environment and the surrounding environment. Such as buildings, trenches, pipelines, cable lines, and flammables.

2 Carefully inspect the car and other parts of the screws, wire rope clamps, fixtures, snap rings, rigging, etc. should be a comprehensive inspection, found that there is damage or potential risks should be promptly replaced or repaired.

3 All construction personnel shall carry out operations according to the safety operation rules for construction elevators. If there is any unknown place, they shall report to the responsible person of Party A for timely resolution.

4 Check the pit of the lift shaft. Check if there are any flammable materials. Clean up.

    Second, a variety of safety technology levels:

1 Make a plan before the demolition and conduct a comprehensive safety inspection on the construction elevators, and keep the communications up and down.

2 During the dismantling process, a special person shall direct the command and a warning zone shall be set up on the ground. A warning sign shall be erected to arrange the special person to direct and supervise and prohibit non-operators from entering the area.

3 Workers must wear a safety helmet (if necessary, fasten the seat belt insulation rubber gas mask) before allowing work.

4 When dismantling, follow the unified command, concentrate, and cooperate with each other. At the end of the command, the construction personnel must be notified (the computer room constructor) to prevent falling. After the operation is completed, the operator is returned to a safe position. The commander confirms safety before proceeding to the next operation.

5 It is strictly forbidden to slap, joke, and talk about anything unrelated to the work during construction. It is forbidden to drink and do not throw objects downwards.

6 Materials transported to the ground should be sorted and piled according to the designated place. The harmful substances on the waste should not be abandoned.

7 During the demolition process, it is not allowed to change people in the middle. If it is necessary to replace them, the demolition situation should be clearly explained before they can leave.

III. Points to note when removing the elevator:

1 Each connecting bolt must tighten the lock nut.

2 car in the course of the operation of the phenomenon of pulleys. The first room brake parking brake debugging.

3 Demolition items stacked on the car (remove parts removed from the elevator) must not be overweight.

4 Construction personnel must wear a safety helmet. (Necessary to wear a safety belt. Gas mask insulation rubber shoes, etc.)

5 The safety officer is responsible for hanging the demolition warning sign. (Please do not approach the elevator construction)


    Remove the elevator construction program:

1 Do a good job of demolition safety inspection. Debug a good brake. Check whether the wire rope is critical for the key part of aging is loose.

2 Lift the car to the top floor. Cut off the electric current. Make insurance for the additional tackle.

(3) The construction personnel shall remove the deputy rails and the hall doors from the top down on the top of the car (every time a layer of hall doors are removed, they shall be sealed and posted with signs. The materials shall be responsible by Party A).

3.1 In order to protect the marble decoration at the entrance of the elevator floor, the elevator door and the landing door must be removed first when the landing door is removed.

3.2 Two construction workers inside the elevator shaft cut the ribs and connecting bars between the laminated door pockets and the wall with a cutting machine.

3.3 The construction staff inside the hoistway assisted the main door cover, and a construction worker cut off the glue between the door cover and the marble door with an electric knife at the door of the landing door.

3.3 The inside construction personnel of the hoistway dismantled the elevator pull screw between the door sleeve and the ridge, removed the door sleeve, and was transported out of the door for storage.

3.4 The lift outside the door The construction personnel cut the floor door sill with the ground marble before the overlap with a cutting machine, and then dismantled the lift door sill.

3.5 When installing a new elevator, try to install it according to the original non-marginal edge. If there is a small gap between the door cover and the marble, fill it with glass glue. If the gap is too large (more than 10MM), then the site size can be customized.

3.6 When installing a new ridge, the same shall be installed as far as possible on the edge line between the facing stones. If the gap is too large, the stainless steel cover plate is customized and installed between the ridge and the marble.

4 The elevator parts and hall doors removed at each floor are placed in the box (every floor has construction personnel to cooperate).

5 The brakes for the personnel in the engine room are coordinated with the non-slip car measures.

6 After the well is dismantled, use the additional steel wire rope as a safety measure. Use the pulley principle. Slowly send the weight. (The counterweight and the box are in the pit).

7 Then the construction personnel disassembled the car and the bottom of the car to remove the counterweight.

8 The equipment in the equipment room, such as the motor, the traction machine, the disassembly of the heavy equipment, and the ease of handling.

9 will remove the parts. Loading. Hall door needs to be closed.

10 Final cleaning. Make all the construction tools neat, clean the garbage, etc. ~~~ The construction process is completed.

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