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OTIS elevator technology is the world's number one

Sep 29, 2018

OTIS elevator technology is the world's number one, and everyone is eye-catching. OTIS Elevator Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). United Technologies Corporation ranked 149th in the Fortune 500 in 2002 and created $28.2 billion in revenue in 2002. There are more than 2,000 branches in several countries with a total of 155,000 employees. "Customer first, service first" is the tenet that OTIS has always adhered to. As the inventor of the world's first safety lift, the world's largest escalator manufacturer has always placed advanced technology production safety elevators in the first place.

For elevators, safety is a very broad concept, not only for product safety, but also for the safety of the work environment, whether the behavior of employees and the process of production pollute the environment. OTIS elevators are updated in the manufacturing process, new technologies are updated, and OTIS elevator safety indicators are improved through strict control. At the same time, the concept of safety first is implemented throughout the enterprise, ensuring that every installation and maintenance of each process can be carried out in the most advanced and safe way, so the OTIS elevator is green and safe.

As a company worthy of social trust, OTIS has been recognized by the government and the community. It has won many honors such as green technology, energy saving and emission reduction, and best employers. In addition to providing quality, safe, green and innovative products and services to the society, OTIS is also actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility, investing in public welfare undertakings, supporting vulnerable groups, and disseminating safety knowledge. OTIS elevators help the public to safely use elevators.

OTIS technology is the world leader and has been widely praised by countries all over the world. OTIS Elevator Company is the world's largest producer and maintainer of personnel transportation products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways. The company supplies products and services to more than 200 countries and territories and maintains 1.7 million elevators and escalators worldwide. Relying on the OTIS elevator is the embodiment of insisting on the safety of the user.


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