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Otis elevator common faults and troubleshooting methods

Dec 06, 2018

Fault 1 3100 user complaints that the elevator stops can not run, the external call does not work, the floor display is normal, do not open the door. Check the TCB fault record 0100, 0105, OVF20 fault record CHK DBD SIG with TT, check SW1, 2 relay, find SW1 relay auxiliary Poor contact in contact, normal after replacement.

Fault 2 T60 elevator user complaints repeatedly open and close the door in the leveling position, it needs to be closed several times before it can run, most of the time is normal. Check the MIB board and the drive for faultless recording. Waiting for the fault in the machine room. It is found that the U and D relays are disconnected immediately after the fault occurs. Check the voltage of the A1 terminal of the U and D relays with a multimeter. It is found that there is no voltage in the fault, and the fault is registered without fault. The suspected fault should be after the safety check point. Check the contact between the car door and the hall door. If the fault point is not detected temporarily, observe the operation. It is found that the U and D relays will be disconnected after the LB relay is sucked. Check the drawing. The LB relay has no effect on the U and D relays. After holding the LB relay by hand to make it artificially controlled, it was found that the fault did not occur. Suspected that the LB relay contact is faulty, the main relay contacts in the control cabinet are checked. It is found that the contact resistance of the SDP relay 13-14 contacts is 50-200 ohms, and the fault frequency is significantly reduced after the contacts are cleaned, and replaced. After troubleshooting.

Fault 3 T2000VF users complained that the elevator will be closed. After the arrival, the person will be released. The elevator will not move to the engine room. The TT checks the MC fault record 2703, the DB fault record D CURRENT FDBK, checks the contact of the UDX relay contacts, and checks the control cabinet motor output pile. It was found that the W-phase pile head had been burnt and it was normal after replacing the pile head.

Fault 4 T2000VF users complain that the elevator is shaking and shaking. Check the MC fault record 2703 with TT, the DB fault record INVERTER OCT, check that the UDX relay contact is normal, the control cabinet motor wiring pile head is normal, the motor coil resistance is normal, and the fault cannot be detected temporarily. After considering, if the brake is not under normal conditions Release, PVT abnormality will also cause failure, check the brakes are normal, PVT inspection found that the plug wire is loose, repair the fault after welding.

Fault 5 300VF users complain that the elevator runs one stop and one stop, and the first floor has to stop 5 or 6 times. When the machine room is found to be faulty, the host has a lot of running noise, such as the sound of mechanical grinding. The electric car is checked to check that the main machine is operating normally and it is judged to be an electrical fault. Check the MC fault record 2703 with TT, DB fault record D CURRENT FDBK, INVERTER OCT, normal after replacing PVT

Fault 6 T60 users complained that the operation was stopped, closed, and closed. After arriving, it was found that there was no customs. The elevator was stopped and stopped. The MIB fault registration OUS and SDP were checked. The speed sensor was checked. It was found that there was a lot of butter on the anti-disc and it was normal after cleaning.

Fault 7 3100 user complaints that the elevator opens to the first floor, does not respond to the external call. Use TT to check the M111 status is normal, check the door closing button signal without input light curtain is not considered, the door opener is normal. After the elevator maintenance is restored to normal The elevator always stops at the first floor and opens the door. In the M111, there is always a call signal, and the internal call and the external call are removed. It is suspected that the call is on the LCBII board, and the call is not up and down. After the switch, the elevator returns to normal, and the multimeter check switch has a pair of contacts that pass through.

Fault 8 T40 elevator, there is a repairman who has repaired the fault on the spot, but the problem is not checked. After the arrival, the engine room is opened and the elevator is not moved. Check the fault light is normal. After checking the door number, the line number 2XQ36 has 110V, there is no power behind, check is SDP relay is not sucked, check SDP relay line package is dead, check BPR\AZX relay contact, found that AZX relay 1-9 normally closed contact is not connected, the elevator will return to normal after replacement.

Fault 9 T2000VF elevator stops and stops, the downlink is normal, check the DBR resistance and find a resistor to burn, normal after replacement.

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