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Old elevator driver shared 32 years of technical experience

Dec 21, 2018

As a senior maintenance engineer who has been engaged in the elevator industry for 32 years, I will share some experiences in the following aspects.

    We must first figure out the main source of elevator quality problems.

    The source of elevator quality problems generally comes from these four aspects:

    1, the material of the elevator itself.

    2, elevator installation quality.

    3,Elevator maintenance quality.

    4, elevator use skills.

    In these four aspects, the quality of elevator maintenance is the most important factor that directly affects the quality and service life of elevators. There has always been a saying of "three-point quality, seven-point maintenance" in the industry.

    The quality of the elevator maintenance quality depends directly on the working attitude of the maintenance personnel. In the ordinary elevator maintenance process, the maintenance studios of the vast majority of maintenance personnel are not in place, and only the maintenance and maintenance is the industry. common case. This has laid a big hidden danger for the service life of the elevator and the safe use of the elevator.

    In fact, according to my experience, it is very important for an elevator to be well-maintained for the first time, and this process only takes about 3 hours. The three-month maintenance work after the first maintenance work will be very easy.

The following is a summary of some of the details and points in the maintenance process:

     engine room:

     1. Check the engine oil level. (The current sync host does not need to check the oil level)

     2. Check the brake clearance.

     3. Check the wiring of the electric cabinet to see if the street is loose. This is the focus of the machine room inspection!

     4. Check the cooling facilities of the equipment room and the measures against rodents.


     1. Check the lubrication of the oil cup. (emphasis)

     2. Check the self-closing force of the landing door. (emphasis)

     3. Check whether the gate resistance is formed on the track of the landing door, and if it should be removed in time. (emphasis)

     4. Check whether the door sliders of each layer are worn or not, and replace them in a timely manner. (emphasis)

     5. Clean up the debris of the pit in time.

     6. Check the car door, promptly remove the track door resistance above the car door and clean the pit. (emphasis)


     1. Adjustment of the tensioner wheel position and switch adjustment. (emphasis)

     2. The length and length of the compensation chain are adjusted and noise is prevented.

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