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Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Anhui Province on Further Strengthening the Work of Elevator Quality and Safety

Jul 05, 2018

Recently, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Anhui Province on Further Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). In order to carry out the implementation work, the "Notice" is now interpreted as follows:

    I. Drafting background

    On February 9, 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" (Guo Ban Fa [2018] No. 8). In order to implement the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators" to ensure the safety of people's passengers and the convenience of travel, combined with the actual quality and safety work of Anhui elevators, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau took the lead in formulating the "More on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators". announcement of".

    Second, the main content.

    The Notice is divided into 7 parts:

    (1) Defining the requirements for elevator quality and safety work. The principles, objectives and objectives of elevator quality and safety work are put forward. Elevator quality and safety work must adhere to the basic principles of serving the people, supervising according to law, reform and innovation, and pluralistic governance. Focusing on the implementation of the main responsibility of the production and use unit, and using scientific supervision as a means, the purpose is to prevent and reduce elevator accidents and reduce the elevator failure rate. The goal of elevator quality and safety work is to build a complete elevator emergency rescue service platform by 2020, with efforts to form an elevator quality and safety work system with sound regulations, clear safety responsibilities, effective work measures, perfect supervision mechanism and social participation. The quality and safety situation of elevators continued to be stable and stable, and the number of elevators and the number of deaths and other deaths were better than the national average.

    (2) Strengthening the quality and safety management of elevators. The first is to strengthen the quality control of manufacturing and installation. The requirements for strengthening elevator quality control are proposed for the design, manufacture, installation, modification and repair of elevators. At the same time, it is proposed to strengthen the safety management of the elevator construction process to prevent accidents during the construction process. The second is to strengthen the use and maintenance management. Mainly to implement the safety main responsibility of the elevator use unit. The elevator use unit shall establish the elevator safety technical file, do daily inspection, maintenance supervision, emergency disposal, etc.; when the elevator use unit changes, both parties shall confirm the safety status of the elevator. According to the actual situation and development trend of elevator maintenance work, the concept, method and mode of innovative elevator maintenance are proposed. Actively promote the concept of “maximizing life cycle safety and optimizing costs”, and implement the “Elevator Equipment + Maintenance Service” integrated procurement model to explore professional and large-scale elevator management methods. Promote the transformation of maintenance mode, promote on-demand maintenance according to law, and promote new modes such as “all-inclusive maintenance” and “Internet of Things + maintenance”. The third is to strengthen the management and renewal of hidden dangers. The management system of “one single four system” for the management of hidden dangers of elevators was put forward. For the “three no elevators” without property management, maintenance and repair funds, and the elevators with major accidents, establish a list of hidden dangers, and implement the management system of account management, account system, sales number system and notification system for hidden danger management tasks. We will promote the construction of six mechanisms for elevator risk search, judgment, early warning, prevention, disposal, and responsibility, formulate overhaul policies for renovation and renovation of old residential elevators, and promote the renovation and renovation of old residential elevators.

    (3) Innovative elevator quality and safety management mode. In order to reduce the elevator failure rate, accelerate the construction of elevator early warning forecast and information supervision platform, build elevator safety public information service platform; gradually establish elevator life cycle quality and safety traceability system; actively strive to carry out adjustment elevator test cycle pilot; introduce relevant policies To promote the construction of existing residential elevators with conditions; optimize the development of the new "insurance + service" model, and play the insurance accident compensation and risk prevention.

    (4) Improve the elevator emergency rescue system. All levels of government are required to establish an elevator emergency rescue public service platform to coordinate and coordinate the emergency rescue work of the elevator. It is necessary to strengthen the statistical analysis of elevator fault data and timely issue elevator safety risk warning. Advance the coverage of public mobile communication signals in the elevator car.

    (5) Strengthening the supervision of elevator quality and safety. This article is to implement the responsibility of elevator quality and safety supervision and management of relevant departments and units. The regulatory authorities shall improve the safety supervision mechanism of elevators, strengthen the safety supervision and management of elevators, and investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations. The competent department of the industry shall guide and urge the relevant units to strengthen the safety management of the elevators. Give play to the role of the special leading group for the safety production of special equipment of the Provincial Safety Production Committee, and guide and coordinate the competent departments of the industry to do a good job in the management of the elevator safety industry. Elevator manufacturers must implement the main responsibility of elevator quality and safety. The relevant units of housing construction shall be responsible for the installation of the elevator-attached facilities and the quality of the civil works, and ensure that the selection and configuration of the elevators meet the requirements of relevant standards and regulations. Elevator users must implement their responsibility for elevator use and management to ensure safe use of elevators. The elevator maintenance unit shall be responsible for the safety performance of the maintenance elevator, and perform routine maintenance and emergency rescue.

    (6) Strengthening self-discipline and integrity construction of enterprises. Promote the "self-declaration + credit management" model. Establish a public information system for elevator manufacturing, installation, use management, maintenance and other related information, and implement the "bad record" and "blacklist" system for elevator production and use units. Joint elevator bidding, finance and other departments will jointly punish the enterprises for serious violations of law and trust.

    (7) Strengthening the work safety and safety of elevators. First, strengthen organization and leadership. Incorporate elevator quality and safety work into the government quality and safety responsibility assessment system, and establish and improve the elevator quality and safety work coordination mechanism. The second is to improve policy protection. Implement the list of powers and responsibilities for elevator safety supervision, and achieve due diligence and negligence in accordance with the list. Strengthen the quality and safety supervision of elevators, inspection and testing, and the construction of administrative law enforcement teams, and strengthen the protection of personnel, equipment and funds. The third is to strengthen publicity and education. Strengthen the safety education of elevators in primary and secondary schools. Carry out elevator safety publicity and education into enterprises, enter the campus, enter the organs, enter the community, enter the countryside, enter the family, and enter the public places. Guide and support school-enterprise cooperation, strengthen the training of elevator skill talents, and improve the professional quality and technical ability of maintenance personnel.

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