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Note the water in the elevator pit can not be ignored

Jul 13, 2018

Due to rainwater and other reasons, some elevator pits will enter the water. Many people have insufficient understanding of the danger of water in the elevator pit. Some elevator managers also think that as long as the elevator can run, it is okay to accumulate a little water in the pit. In fact, The danger of water in the elevator pit is very serious.

    First, the danger of leakage. The elevator pit is covered with 110V safety circuit and 220V maintenance circuit. In the case of wet water in the pit, it is easy to leak electricity, which will not only cause electric shock to the elevator maintenance personnel, but also because the elevator is an overall metal structure, the current will be directly transmitted to the car, causing electric shock to the passengers.

    Second, the elevator runs abnormally. After the water in the pit is too large, the humidity in the elevator shaft is too large, which will cause the safety of the elevator door locks of each floor to be rusted. The safety circuit of the elevator pit is aging, which causes the elevator to fail to judge the safe operating conditions normally, which may cause the door to start and cut. The risk of passengers.

    Third, the basic security agency is invalid. The accumulation of water in the elevator bottom will cause the speed limiter tensioning wheel at the bottom of the elevator to rust or slip, and the compensation chain at the bottom of the elevator car will bring the accumulated water to the elevator track, hall door and sedan during high-speed movement. On the top and the wire rope, once the wire rope is slipped, the speed limiter is the last safety measure. Since the speed limiter tensioning wheel can not work normally, the speed limiter cannot be started, which will directly cause the ladder to fall.

    Fourth, affect the service life and comfort of the elevator. In the pit where water accumulates for a long time, too high humidity will cause serious corrosion of the metal structure of the main body of the elevator, and the corrosion of each metal contact will be invalid. The elevator is prone to abnormal noise, stagnation and excessive friction. The life of the elevator components and the entire ladder is shortened.

    Therefore, the problem of water accumulation in the elevator pit should be paid enough attention by the maintenance unit and the user unit. Only in this way can the service life of the elevator be extended and the safe operation of the elevator can be guaranteed.

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