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MRL Elevators

Jun 20, 2017

Basic Information

Carrying capacity: 1000kg ~ 5000kg

Drive mode: AC

Traction mechanism: traction machine

Guide rail: T rail

Door knife: single

Ceiling: 2 steel paint

Police: HSS panel with rounded buttons with Braille

Threshold: cast iron

Car Bumper: Rubber or wood protection bumper

Transport Packaging: wooden box

Country of Origin: China

Type: freight elevator

Speed: 0.25m / s ~ 1m / s

Open & Close Type: Auto

Reducer: Deceleration

Elevator door: custom

Waiter: custom

Car wall: Paint plate with ventilation holes

Flooring: non-slip lattice board

Number of tracks: 4 or 6

Trademark: SCHINDLER

Specifications: 1000-5000kg cargo ladder

product description

VVVF technology: greatly reduce the motor power consumption, saving up to 50% of the power.

CPU serial communication control system: effectively improve the speed of the entire control system, safe and reliable, more suitable for all kinds of bad and frequent use of the elevator.

Cabinets, brackets and other components using high-strength materials and special reinforcement made, not only can support the passage of trucks, and can support the possible unbalanced load. High-strength structure, durable and reliable performance.

The largest door size, so that the size of the goods; the size of the door can be the same with the cabin width, easy access