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Mitsubishi elevator electronic board model Daquan

Nov 30, 2018

Mitsubishi electronic board


1, P1 board KCJ-100A 1, P1 board P203701B000

2, P1 board KCJ-102A with parallel 2, W1 board P203703B000G01 has RL re-leveling

3, E1 board KCJ-120B 3, W1 board P203703B000G02 no RL re-leveling

4, W1 board KCJ-151A 4, E1 driver board P203702B000 early products

5, Z1 board KCJ-160A 5, E1 driver board P203712B001 late product

6. Driver board LIR-812A 6. Door machine board P231701B000

7. Driver board LIR-813A 7. Door machine board P231706B00 car top station transfer

8. Driver board LIR-814A 8. Control box P235710B000

9, door panel DL2-VCO 9, control box P235705C00

10, door panel DL4-VCO DC door machine 10, control box P203721B000 expansion board

11, the control box LOA-503GO8 11, the control box P235702B000 display board

12, the control box LOA-422 12, the hall call board P366701B000

13, the control box LOA-422 increase board 13, the external call board p366705B000

14, the external call board LOA-410G01 first floor 14, parallel board

15, the external call board LOA-410G02 intermediate layer 15, module protection board

16. Call-to-call display LHD-601 16. Weighing plate LIR-218 made in China

17, parallel plate KCC-100A 17, weighing plate LIR-223 imports

18, parallel plate KCB-05A with optical port 18, weighing plate LIR-219 connecting plate

19, parallel bottom plate KCM-100 19, weighing plate P122701B000G01 localization

20 parallel base plate KCM-102 parallel ladder


1. Main board G01 1. Electronic board LHD-730A

2. P235711B000G02 2. Electronic board DOR-261A

3, motherboard P1 P203728 3, electronic board DOR-160B

4, P203728B000G06, G05 single unit 4, electronic board KCD-911A

5, P203728B000G01 or G02 in parallel 5, electronic board KCZ-940A

6, P203709 6, electronic board LHD650A G23

7, P231707 Nova 7, electronic board KCR-900B

8, interface board P231706 8, electronic board KCR-650A

9, the control box a complete set of boards P235711B000 9, electronic board KCR-910A

10, P235710B000 10, KCR-919A

11, P235705B000 11, DOR-1241

12, door machine board P231707B000G03 12, electronic board DOR-275/276

13. Car interior floor display panel LHA-023AG11

14, the car button expansion board P235705C000G01

15. Floor outside power supply board P366705B000G01

16, power board P203722B000G01


1. P1 board KCD-600 full function 1. P1 board KCD-70XX is single time parallel\X is double time single ladder

2, KCD-603 no parallel 2, KCD-70505 years later, no 89# relay

3, W1 board KCA-602 function board 3, W1 board KCA-762A function board

4. Driver board KCR-650A 4, E1 driver board KCR-759C

5, door machine board DOR-111B with station clock 5, door machine board DOR-120A

6, DOR-110 does not bring the station clock 6, DOR-545 car top adapter plate

7, DOR-525 car top station transfer 7, DOR-14305 products after

8. Control box LHS-200C8 layer command board 8. Control box LHS-400A command board

9. LHS-210A expansion board 9. LHS-410A expansion board

10, LHD-650B internal display 10, LHD-650 display board

11, the hall call board LHH-100AG24 landing station CPU 11, the hall call board LHH-200APVC panel

12, the call to show LHH-022 unit display 12, LHH-206 stainless steel panel

13. LHH-023 double position display 13. Parallel board KCC-702

14, parallel plate KCC-400 14, module protection board

15. Module protection board KCZ-610 15. Weighing board LIR-218 made in China

16, weighing plate LIR-218 domestic 16, LIR-223 imports

17, LIR-223 imports 17, LIR-219 connection board

18, LIR-219 connecting plate 18, door motor with X65AC-08

Module encoder

1. Inorganic room PM150RSA060 1. PC-10/20 SP-VF1.0m/s speed

2, drive module CM150DY-24H 2, SET3R1024/64 SP-VV (A) ladder

3, the drive module 2MBI150N-120 3, SET5R1024/64 SP-VF (A) ladder

4, drive module CM200DY-12H 4, X65AC-01 SP-VF non 1.0m / s speed

5, drive module 2MBI200N-060 5, X65AC-08 door encoder 6mm

6, drive module 2MBI300N-060 6, X65AC-08 door encoder 8mm

7, drive module CM300DY-12H 7, X65AC-10 GPS-CR shaft diameter 45

8, regeneration module CM75E3Y-12E 8, X65AC-20 2 / 3 / HOPE host

9, regeneration module CM150E3Y-12E 9, SBX8192-5MD X65AC-31 inorganic room ladder

10, drive module QM200HH-H

11, the drive module SQD300A60

12, regeneration module QAE75AA60

Mitsubishi conventional accessories

Consumables Buttons

1. Oil cup Square type 1. MTB-1 unit

Round 2, MTB-2 double position

Thyssen type 3, LHB-005 outside the unit

2, slider Mitsubishi type 4, LHB-006 call double position

3, boots lining 8kg 5, LHB-007 car unit

13kg 6, LHB-008 double position in the car

5kg 7, LHB-051 unit

4, HOS electric lock VF type 8, LHB-052 double position

5, 2801 HOPE/SG-VFA 9, DA150 SG-VFA DC12V

6, 2 type PVC 10, DA160 SP-VFA DC12V

7, 2 type stainless steel 11, DA180 HOPE DC12V

8, 3 type 12, DA411 HOPE-2G DC12V

9, the control box lock VF type 13, DA430 HOPE-2 DC12V

Type 2

10, door hook lock switch

11, triangle lock left / right LXW5-11N (safety touch panel switch)

12, xenon lamp button and floor display LX-028 (DC door machine)

13, temperature insurance 135 degrees (SF-VF) S3-1370 (slow speed normally closed)

14, temperature insurance GPS-2 HOPE S3-1370 (new slow speed normally closed)

15, temperature insurance 150 ° C 2A220 Europe (GPS-3 HOPE-2) S3-1371 (slow speed normally open)

16. Mitsubishi Weighing Wire Rope Organic Room EL-1375 (Speed Limiter)

17, S-N21 DC125 contactor EL-3654 (brake)

18, S-N50 DC125 contactor Double reed (door hook lock)

19. Mitsubishi traction wheel 24 series 431\432 (layer door auxiliary door switch)

20, Mitsubishi traction wheel 36 series AZ-05\06\061 (layer door auxiliary lock switch)

21, light curtain 9mm DS-121\131 (layer door sub-lock switch)

22, light curtain Mitsubishi two in one 3SE3 (domestic buffer)

23, Mitsubishi weighing wire rope, inorganic room, weighing device LWP-211\122 (SP-VF)

24 stroke switch

ZR231-11Y (not self-reset one open and one closed)

ZR231-02Z (non-self-reset two normally closed)

TR231-11YU (self-reset one open and one closed)

TR231-02YU (self-reset two normally closed)

ZS231-11YU (not self-reset one open and one closed)

TV231-11YU (self-reset one open and one closed)

UKS (self-reset one normally closed)

UKT (not self-reset and normally closed)

Reed YG-1 (SG-VP)

Leveling switch YG-25 (GPS-2/3)

Leveling switch YG-28 (HOPE)

Leveling switch PAD-1 (D8V)

Position switch YA043D-166 (Mitsubishi inverter door limit)

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