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Maintenance of debris elevators installation and commissioning

Nov 27, 2017

Drifters elevators by well structure type can be divided into frame structure and civil structure, according to the loading method can be divided into window and horizon. Drifting elevator consists of electrical parts and mechanical parts, electrical parts by the traction machine, electric control box, call boxes, magnetic sensors, limit switches and other components; mechanical parts from the hoistway frame or rail support frame, car, On the heavy, layer door and other components. Preparation: Familiar with zero, parts: Familiar with the name of the parts to be installed according to the drawings Check the received items according to the packing list Check the size of hoistway: Check the number of landing, interval, top height, pit depth, Door reserved size, hoistway size, confirm the layout of the hoistway and the hoistway size. Elevator installation 1, hoistway installation frame Structural hoistway installation: hoistway is divided into the top (hoist frame traction machine base), the bottom (hoistway base), horizontal frame, hoistway angle. First of all, put the lower end and the hoistway angle and cross frames into the hoistway, and install the cross frames one by one up to the upper end (traction machine base), adjust the hoistway frame regulation and the floor vertical when crossing the floor, adjust the derrick and Shaft wall (floor hole wall) spacing (usually about 50mm), the angle between the hoistway frame and the floor plate with steel angle bracket support to fix the derrick. Wellhead base with m10 expansion bolts and the ground fixed. Three horizontal frames on each floor (no two horizontal frames are placed on the front and top), the first horizontal frame is about 450 mm from the ground and the second horizontal frame is about 1800 mm from the ground. The two horizontal frames should be on the floor Door frame up and down about 200mm, for the fixed layer door, the remaining one horizontal frame are distributed between the upper and lower floors. Installation of civil structure hoistway: according to the hoistway plan and layout plan in the hoistway with welding method or expansion bolts to fix the rail support frame, traction machine bearing beam. 2, the traction machine, the buffer installation The traction machine placed in the hoist traction machine base, pad cushion cushion, the installation guide wheel. Pay attention to the traction machine and car direction. Secure the counterweight buffer and car buffer with expansion bolts. Generally, the height of the car-side bumper is greater than that of the counter-side bumper. The utility model may be used for load-bearing steel girders, for the lifts of civil structures or the debris elevator frame of a frame structure with a load of 250㎏ or more. Beams are usually made of I-beam and are handled by the user. They are erected in the engine room according to the drawing requirements. If there is no engine room, they should be erected on the corresponding two walls in the shaft (the depth should not be less than 130㎜) and fixed with cement