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Magnetic suspension elevator

Jan 16, 2019

The magnetic levitation elevator is a product of the application of magnetic levitation technology to elevators. The maglev train was erected, but there are still many technical problems to be solved. This technique is mainly to suspend the object in the air by combining the attraction and repulsion of the magnet. Unlike the old elevators that used to rely on vertical rail traction, it removes the complicated mechanical equipment such as steel cables, traction machines, wire guides, counterweights, speed limiters, guide wheels and counterweights. The new type of magnetic levitation elevator is equipped with a magnet in the car. When moving, the electromagnetic coil on the electromagnetic rail (linear motor) is comprehensively adjusted by magnetic interaction, so that the car and the guide rail are "zero-contact". Since there is no frictional magnetic levitation elevator, it is very quiet and more comfortable during operation, and it can reach the extremely high speed that the traditional elevator can't reach. This type of elevator is suitable for vertical transportation equipment for manned and loaded objects such as building ladders, launching platforms and space elevators.


This type of elevator is very energy efficient. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the electromagnetic rail can be used to cut the magnetic induction line to recover the kinetic energy and potential energy of the car, so that its energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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