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Knowledge of the elevator Monarch & HST sets password to stop

Mar 09, 2018

New time setting validity period

    When you enter the Advanced Password, you will have an additional menu - Main Board Validity.

    After confirming, enter the validity period mode first, then set the start time and end time. Before setting the run start, you must first modify the system time, make the system time and start time remain the same, and then set the termination time. The day you want to stop the elevator.

    I would like to stop the elevator some day, and it will stop on one day.

    After the failure of the new suspension of the ladder phenomenon: the motherboard does not report a failure, the election is not on the outside, the door can be selected but not to take the ladder, playing special express can go.

    Remember to modify the advanced password after you set it, otherwise you'll be busy! you know. . .

    Monak Sets Ladder Time

    The mainboard is set to limit the number of days to run. Set F9-10 days to run. Use 10 as the base number + the number of days you want to set. For example, if you want to set a 30-day stop, that is 10+30=40, so you change F9-10 to 40. OK, the factory is 999, F9-08 is not necessary to know the operating hour settings, as long as you know a way to do it.

    After the stoppage of the company, the main board of Monak reported E40 and E34. Password change FP-00 non-zero on the line, the maximum 65535.

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