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Knowledge of elevators is strongly recommended for collection: What should I do if the inverter is encrypted?

Jun 08, 2018

Siemens brand

     6SE70 Book Type Inverter: When the setting password is not open, change the data in P358 and P359 to be the same.

     ABB brand

     ACS600 Inverter: Enter the password “23032” in the parameter 16.03, and the parameter 102.01 is set to false. You can enter all the main control board parameters.

Mitsubishi brand

     740 Series Inverter: When the setting password is not open, pull out the panel and plug it in again.

     Emerson brand

     TD3000: When the password is set to open, enter the password 8888.

     Yaskawa brand

     Yaskawa G5 Inverter: The password is displayed in A1-04. Adjust this parameter, then press MENU and RESET for 10 seconds to see the password. Then adjust the parameters by inputting the password into A1-05.

     Yaskawa G7 Inverter: When A1-04 is displayed, press RESET while pressing MENU to display the password setting of A1-05, and then input this password to A1-04.

     Continental brand

     590 Inverter: The universal password is 131122.

     Schneider brand

     The password is set, find the COD in the SUP menu and enter 6969.

Fuji brand

    VG5 Inverter: The password is the last parameter No. 200, set to 0 data can not be changed, set to 1 data can be changed.

    VG7 frequency converter: Universal password FFFF, that is, you have to enter the FFFF power to enter.

    Hitachi brand

    J300 Inverter: To rename a multi-function terminal "initialization" function (parameter C0-C7), and then short-circuit this terminal with the common terminal "CM1" (or P24), and then turn off the inverter and then send power to it. can. To change terminal "7" to "initialize" function, set C6 parameter to "7".

    Panasonic brand

    Panasonic VFO inverter: press MODE three times

    Press ▲ until 999 is displayed and press ▲ and ▼ while pressing SET again to reset the password.

    LS brand

    LG-iS5 frequency converter: FU2-94 is set to 240 to see the MAK parameters.

    Delta brand

    B series inverter: Super password is 57522.

    H series inverter: Super password is 33582.

    S1 series inverter: Super password is 575222.

    A series inverter: Press MODE and RESET together to display P256, press ENTER to modify this parameter, change 00 to 01, and press ENTER to exit to modify all parameters.

    Inventronics brand

    CHV, CHE, CHF series inverter: Super password is 50112.

    Sanhe brand

    The password is set and the parameter CD900 is set to 36521.

    Huichuan brand

    The super password is 18181.

    Dongyuan Brand

    M3 series inverter: Change parameter P00 to 05 to see 65 parameters, P00 to 08 to 2-wire initialization, and P00 to 03 parameter.

    Ou Rui (formerly known as Huifeng) brand

    The super password is: 1888.

    Universal brand

    PI2000 frequency converter: (1) Set C01 to 222 to enter P14; (2) Set P14 to 3 pairs of CPU refresh, then show PI2000 set C01 to 222 to enter P14 parameter setting, P14 is set to 2, P01 is Set the model for G, F, P02 set the inverter voltage 380V, P03 set the inverter rated current, P04 set voltage display, P05 set current display.

    Xilin brand

    The super password is 6860.

    Jiaxin brand

    TX-4T040C type inverter: F00 is the user password setting, the factory setting is: 8888. If the machine password has been modified, the method for unlocking the password is: the inverter powers on, shorts the JP4 solder joint, and restores the factory password. JP4 is on the top of the CPU of the motherboard and is empty. There are no connectors, just two pads. After short-circuiting it, and then entering the parameter settings, after confirming the 8888 factory password, you can modify the parameters after F00.

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