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Is there an elevator that never climbs the stairs? Doctor: climbing stairs is the most stupid sport

Oct 25, 2018

Climbing the stairs to hurt the body?

For example, for a person weighing 60 kilograms, the knees on both sides of the road are each bearing 60 kilograms, but when the stairs are climbed or climbing, the knees are bent close to 90 degrees. In order to climb the first stairs, the quadriceps need to produce a pulling force of 200 kilograms. If you add support to the ground, the load will be as high as 280 kg.

It doesn't rain in the morning, then it will go down at night. It didn't rain at night, and it will go down tomorrow morning... No matter how hot the sun is during the day, Chengdu has maintained a good habit this week: it rains sooner or later. Saying that you don't lose weight in April, you are sad in May, you can't stop at night, you can't stop when you practice early, what should you do? Running around the underground garage for two laps, climbing 30 floors and two rafts, it is also considered exercise.

However, is it really possible to climb a building? The official Weibo of West China Hospital of Sichuan University sent a message this week: The orthopedic surgeon said that climbing stairs is the most stupid exercise! Do you dare to climb? Office workers are beginning to struggle: Do you want to give up the most "convenient" exercise method of climbing stairs?

Did you climb the stairs to hurt your body?


Loss of knee joint but exercise cardio

 Recently, a circle of friends passed a message: Yi Xiong, former director of the Department of Orthopaedics at the National Taiwan University Hospital, said that climbing stairs or climbing a mountain is the "most stupid exercise" because it will cause serious damage to the knee joint and even irreversible damage.


This time, Ms. Yang, a citizen of Chengdu, was entangled. She was used to running at night. The exercise program had been interrupted for three days this week. This was the case of “never happening” in the past winter. As the sky darkens, the rain in Chengdu will appear on the scene. In order to maintain her physical function, Ms. Yang had to run two warm-ups in the garage, climb the stairs to the 30th floor, take the elevator downstairs, and climb a 30th floor, so she kept her aerobic exercise time for about half an hour. . "The elevator that goes downstairs does not hurt the knees, and it feels effortless to go downstairs."


"This concept is correct. In contrast, the damage to the lower floor (to the knee) is greater than that of the upper floor." Jiang He, an attending physician at the First People's Hospital of Chengdu, said. From an anatomical point of view, the muscles around the knee joint are weak, and the upper and lower bones form a long lever that bears 86% of the body's weight, so the knee joint is the most vulnerable during exercise.


Take a person weighing 60 kilograms as an example. When walking on a flat road, the knees on each side bear 60 kilograms, but when climbing stairs or climbing a mountain, the knees are bent close to 90°. In order to climb the first stairs, the quadriceps need to produce a pulling force of 200kg. If you add support to the ground, the load will be as high as 280 kg.


When climbing stairs, the joints below the waist must bear the weight of the athletes themselves, with the knees being the most stressed, about four times the usual.


Stair climbing or not climbing?


Weight and age joints have the final say


Like Ms. Yang, who wants to exercise and is afraid of hurting her knees, she is completely entangled. Is it still climbing or not? Doctors' advice can be considered from two factors: weight and age.


Hao Peng, deputy director of the Department of Joint Surgery, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, believes that if the knee joint has lesions, such as the detection of knee cartilage or synovial joints in the joints, bones under the cartilage, damage to the tissues, it is necessary to strictly limit the stairs Or climbing a mountain. Such people account for a relatively high proportion of middle-aged and elderly people.


For young people with normal knee joints, the daily climbing stairs do not need the psychological burden of “knee wear” because “people themselves have the ability to repair”. However, like Ms. Yang, the doctors still discouraged the use of climbing stairs as a means of exercise for a long time, many times and for a long time. "We have done research, repeated low-energy injuries, and may also cause damage to articular cartilage."


Hao Peng also reminded people with serious obesity to try not to think of climbing stairs as exercise, because the degree of damage to articular cartilage may exceed their own healing ability.


These sports should also be careful


Mountain climbing, marathon, etc. may also damage the knee joint


"For ordinary people, it is not necessary to climb the stairs occasionally to go to work." Jiang He said, but if you want to use the stairs as a special form of exercise, you must fully warm up, wear sneakers that fit your feet, and pay attention to strengthening the four heads. Muscle exercise can avoid and reduce sports injuries. In addition, mountaineering, marathon and other projects have the potential to damage the knee joint. “In the patients I received, there was a lot of knee pain after running.”

Another statistic is worth noting that women's endurance of knee pain is 6-8 times that of men, which makes the sisters often overlook the problem of knees, and the proportion of knee injuries in women is four times that of men.

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