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Improvement of control system for debris elevator

Dec 13, 2018

Since the debris elevator is in the lower grade of the elevator series, there are few researches on the control circuit design of such elevators, so there are various problems in operation.

1) The main components of position control are generally used for position control, and impact noise is generated during operation; due to the wear of the car guide shoe, the stroke of the travel switch is displaced during operation, making the switch action unreliable and severely damaged. The service life is reduced; there are many connecting lines between the travel switches in the hoistway, the position of the switch is high, and the installation, adjustment and maintenance processes are complicated.

2) The control circuit is too simple and the function cannot be used. After the elevator is summoned to the use of the landing, there is no priority to use the right. When the car door is closed, if the other landing call signal appears before the layer selection signal, the elevator cannot take the first user's desire to run to the landing; The “Emergency Stop” switch is set on the operation panel outside the hall, which provides convenience for users who do not follow the operating procedures and some pranksters. The elevators in operation can be stopped at any time, which affects normal use and reduces efficiency. When the power is cut off and the car is between the two position switches, when the power is restored, the call signal appears, and there is no competition due to the position signal control of the contactor in the upper and lower directions. When the mechanical interlock is unreliable, a short circuit occurs. phenomenon.

Due to the above problems, the operational reliability of the debris ladder is seriously degraded, especially in some occasions where the use is frequent, and these problems are particularly prominent.

In response to the above problems, the control circuit of the debris elevator was redesigned. After two years of on-site operation, good results were obtained, and the above problems were solved. Control circuit

(Please click) (5th floor, 5 stations), the main drag circuit and power supply in the figure are omitted, the layer signal indication, the landing indication, the occupancy indication only draw one of the landings, and the other landings are connected in parallel. The operation principle is as follows :

The key switch S7 on the operation panel of the base station is connected to the power contactor Q1, and the control circuit enters a standby state; the induction iron plate of the device on the car is inserted into the sensor of the parking layer, the corresponding landing relay is connected, and the finger layer is illuminated. The secondary tube illuminates, indicating the station where the car is located. The door lock relay K1 is attracted by the closing of each layer door, and in the state of no direction signal, the light-emitting diode H11 is not illuminated. It is assumed that the car is in the first floor, and when the layer 3 has a call signal, the S33 is touched, and the layer selection signal is aligned by the K93, K23, K24, K25, Q3, K7, K5 contacts to make the upward direction K6. The suction of the original 1 layer position K2 locks the lower direction K7 and Q2 to make the elevator go up, the layer selection signal K93 is self-sustaining; K6 turns on H11 to make it bright, and the elevator is in the occupied state. Since the highest signal of the elevator is 3 floors at this time, when the car passes through the 2nd floor station, the induction iron plate is inserted into S22, the original S21 is reset, K21 is released, and S22 is turned on to make the 2 layer finger layer signal H7 light, this continuous signal At the same time, it is shown that the elevator is on the upward direction, so the direction indication is omitted. After reaching the level 3 level, K23 pulls in, K6 is disconnected, Q2 is released, the elevator stops, and the 3 layer finger layer H8 is lit, taking up K8 delay release, and the station bell H12 sounds. During this time, the user opens the door to use the car. After the door is opened, S13 is reset, K1 is released, K8 delay capacitor C is discharged, and K8 is released, so that H12 stops sounding. The K1 contact keeps the occupancy signal H11 lit. When the user loads the goods, press the desired layer button (with priority use; of course, you can close the door and then select the layer) before the door is closed. After the direction relay is closed, the occupancy signal is bright. When the elevator arrives, you can reach the station. When the elevator is occupied, the layer selection buttons of each layer are controlled by the position relay. The selection signal can only be sent when the car stops at the layer. The call signal of each layer is controlled by K1. When the elevator is running, K8 breaks all the layers. And the summoning circuit, at this time the elevator only runs according to the original selection signal, and can not realize the interception. Only the elevator is at the stop, the door is closed, there is no call or layer selection signal, the occupancy signal is extinguished, and the elevator is ready for use, and the elevator can enter the next service program. The entire control circuit has the following characteristics:

1) Comply with the national "Elevator Control Devices, Signals and Accessories" standard.

2) Occupation time control, which allows the user to use the elevator with ease and use the elevator preferentially.

3) In the event of a power outage in the middle of the power supply, no matter which landing station has the call signal after the power supply is restored, the elevator will descend to the nearest landing stop, so that the position signal can be restored and put into normal use, avoiding the direction selection competition without position signal. phenomenon.

4) The “Emergency Stop” switch set on each floor is cancelled to ensure the normal use efficiency of the elevator. Because there are various protections in the elevator circuit, there is no need to set the emergency stop switch. Only the elevator manager can use the key switch to stop the elevator.

5) Only one sensor is used as the position detecting component in each layer, and the response action is rapid, which is conducive to improving the leveling accuracy and no impact noise. Even if the car guide shoe wears more, it will not damage the sensor and prolong the service life. . The wiring is simple, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient.

6) The operation panel of the landing station displays complete signals, which is simple and clear, and the floor indication tracking is good.

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