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If the elevator suddenly falls, we will jump at the moment of landing, can we survive?

Dec 11, 2018

If the elevator suddenly falls, we can jump at the moment of landing, can we survive? Got up knowledge

Life is only one time, it is very precious. In order to protect life, learning safety knowledge becomes imminent. Everyone must master self-help knowledge. Xiaobian is going to popularize a safety knowledge today. Now that land resources are scarce, so there are more and more high-rise buildings. So high-rise buildings can be too painful to climb stairs. Those who are old and weak can't climb at all, so elevators are often built.

The elevator can be convenient, and it can be very high in a few seconds. It is especially troublesome, but things are both good and bad. The elevator is also a safety hazard. For example, one point to be said today, take the elevator, the elevator suddenly falls, what should I do? escape. Some people say that it will be finished with the elevator on the ground. I will try to jump up before the elevator falls to the ground. Impossible, Xiaobian is here to tell everyone that this method will not work.

Because everyone knows that the elevator suddenly falls, everyone knows that the floor where the elevator is located is relatively high, and the effect is almost the same as jumping off the building. Can you jump up when jumping off the building? And the elevator falling is a free fall movement, you have to go beyond the elevator's falling speed, do you think it will work? Unless you are a superman, it is impossible to do it.

Even if it works, it can't be used. Why? Because the elevator needs to withstand too much gravity to take off, you will be fractured, and, after you have broken your leg, you will die faster than the elevator, so you can't use this method, even if you don't die. Disabled. In fact, the probability of elevator failure is still quite small. Now the elevators have layers of security. For example, the speed limiter and the speed limiter have a 24-hour warning. Once the elevator is found to fall faster than the normal atmosphere, the elevator will be locked immediately. Let him stop falling and ensure the safety of the people in the elevator to the greatest extent.

And now the installation of the elevator is also very strict, the probability of failure is really low, everyone can be a little peace of mind. Retreat 10,000 steps, you really unfortunately encountered the elevator falling, this time you have to do is to calm down, do not panic, mad call or make damage to the elevator, immediately calm down. Try to call the phone in the elevator first, and press the elevator number on each floor. Maybe the elevator will stop by itself. If it doesn't help, hurry back against the elevator wall and bend your knees to minimize the center of gravity. Don't take too much damage yourself.

Keep your safety posture and wait for the rescue of rescuers. Don't panic. Life is in danger everywhere. Learn how to escape. You can save your life at a critical moment. After listening to Xiaobian’s story, how do you learn how to deal with the elevator falling?

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