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How to use the elevator dedicated network cable with power supply?

Mar 06, 2019

The elevator dedicated network cable is generally used for long-distance signal transmission in the elevator, that is, the monitoring line.


There are two kinds of elevator dedicated network cables, one is the ordinary double steel wire elevator accompanying cable, and the other is the double steel wire elevator cable with power supply.

The elevator cable basically has double wires, because when the elevator cable runs in the elevator, it must follow the elevator cable to move down.


The elevator is operating with a certain weight. The elevator cable with steel wire needs to have enough tensile strength to follow the elevator. The double wire elevator wire can strengthen the hardness and toughness of the cable.

The elevator line with power supply does not need to re-arrange the power line, one line passes, and can transmit high-definition network signals, without separately arranging the signal line and the power line, reducing the material cost of the independent power line and the network line, and reducing the wiring construction cost.

The copper core of the elevator network cable is multi-stranded, not single-strand. The multi-strand network cable core is relatively soft, and it is more tough than the single-strand cable in the process of wiring and operation, and the core is not easy to break.

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