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How to protect the elevator in wet weather?

Sep 28, 2018

In March and April each year, the southern region is affected by the resurgence weather, and the moisture is diffused, which will also have a certain impact on the normal operation of the elevator. The continuous wet weather easily leads to the failure of the elevator components, which affects the safe use of the elevator. The main performances are as follows: First, the water vapor adheres to the main plate of the elevator circuit, which easily causes the motherboard to be short-circuited and burned, causing the elevator to crash; the second is easy to cause the electrical switch to stick. Not released, such as the car inside and outside the call button, forced deceleration switch and contactor, etc., so that the elevator runs abnormally; third, the insulation performance of the elevator components is reduced, resulting in the accidental "electrical" of the metal case with normal uncharged; Rusting, reducing the service life. In high temperature, humid, and rainy seasons, elevator failure rates are generally higher.


In the high temperature, humidity, and rainy season, the elevator failure is relatively high. At this time, it is necessary to increase the number of inspections and maintenance of the elevator. Before the arrival of the annual rainy season, the maintenance unit should take precautions in advance, such as spraying moisture-proof agents, preparing the dryer, etc.; and paying attention to keeping the electronic boards and electrical components of the elevator control cabinet clean and dry to avoid dust deposition. Caused poor contact.


In view of the adverse effects of wet weather on the elevator, it is best to do the following: First, when selecting and repairing replacement parts for the elevator, pay attention to the selection of elevator parts and electrical switches with better moisture resistance; second, improve the use of elevators in response to wet weather. Management awareness, take effective measures to eliminate the impact of wet weather, set or increase the drying and drying equipment in the engine room, car and landing door entrances, and arrange the special parts of the elevator parts such as the control cabinets and call buttons that are easy to get wet; Sound equipment for wet weather protection and emergency rescue plan, effectively respond to and deal with sudden failures of wet weather elevators; Fourth, do a good job in riding and maintenance protection, lay glue, remind passengers to pay attention to slippery, maintenance inspectors need to wear when necessary Non-slip shoes.

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