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How to open an elevator accessories company?

Nov 23, 2018

1: The stage of conception.

The scope of business, according to their previous work experience to determine the main elevator brand, but also to the elevator manufacturers or elevator parts manufacturers have the necessary understanding.

Self-made ability problems, some simple elevator accessories can be processed by simple equipment, which can save a lot of money.

For competitors, consider whether there are other elevator parts in your business area to distribute or maintain the company. What is the power, do you have an advantage?

Probably count the potential customers in your business area, whether these businesses can sustain the company's operations.

2: Staffing. In the beginning, look for one or two technically sound, credible maintenance leaders to assist you in your business.

3: The formalities stage. To the Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Taxation Bureau, the Labor Bureau...

4: Business development. Always communicate with the owner of the elevator. First, start with the elevator user you are familiar with. If the initial stage of the fund is not enough, the resistance to risk is weak, you can pick up the half-package elevator maintenance business (that is, not including the accessory money). Pay attention to the customer's service is to be the best policy, should not lower the price as a means of competition (this is both offensive peers and can not earn money), maintenance of low-cost and aging elevators are best not to pick up.

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