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How to improve the air quality in the elevator

Aug 20, 2018


With the accelerated development of urbanization, elevators are becoming more and more popular as vertical distance transportation vehicles. Whether it is a commercial plaza or a residential area, elevators can be seen everywhere. However, elevators in many places, especially the long-term residential community elevators, can smell an unpleasant smell when they walk in, so that residents complain when they think that the elevator gives a feeling of suffocation.

The elevator is not only closed, but also a place with relatively large traffic. The odors of the residents going upstairs and downstairs to buy vegetables will remain in the elevator. Some uncivilized actors often smoke and spit in the elevator, which seriously affects the behavior. The air quality in the elevator. Therefore, it is better for those elevators that have been installed for a long time to install some ventilation facilities to enhance the air circulation inside the elevators, thereby improving the air quality.

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