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How to effectively reduce the failure rate of elevators through maintenance work, must see experience

Dec 25, 2018

Today, the elevator house Xiaobian introduces how to effectively reduce the elevator failure rate through maintenance work:

The failure rate of an elevator can be distributed according to this ratio: 1 part is the manufacturer's design and manufacturing defects, 2 parts of the installation quality problem, 5 parts of maintenance, 2 passengers.


This maintenance has taken a big part, indicating that if the maintenance work is done, it can reduce the failure rate by half. The intentional maintenance worker may have already discovered the place where the elevator often fails. I have sorted out several outstanding problems: The first one should be the fault on the door, which has the highest frequency of action, and most of the faults come from here.

Followed by the switches of the pit, and then the line aging, mechanical displacement.


An effective maintenance process to complete these places can avoid more than half of the failures. Especially the hall door, if it can, every time the maintenance is adjusted, the contact is depressed, and the 7mm distance of the lock hook is increased, so that the lock can be locked more quickly, so that even if there is some debris, the ridge will not be so Easy to get stuck.

Keeping the environment of the pit environment dry can avoid the phenomenon that the elevator is in an emergency stop due to poor contact between the switch and the rusty contact. The maintenance cannot only pass through the scene. There must be actual maintenance work to effectively reduce the failure and improve the efficiency of elevator use.

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