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How to deal with the depth of the elevator pit too deep

Oct 10, 2018


In the case of a project, the first floor is on the first floor, but the pit is located on the -2 floor. The calculation of the pit depth should be two floors of the basement plus the existing pit depth of more than 9 meters. It has been constructed on site, and it is very difficult to add a plate structure under the first floor. What should I do if I don’t change the existing structure?


It can be done as a steel plate. It is easy. Regardless of the solution, the pit must ensure the size of the drawing. Otherwise, the maintenance personnel cannot maintain the pit device such as the limit switch (even if there is a safety door).

The pit depth must meet the elevator installation drawing requirements. If it is too deep, there are two rectification methods:

1, backfilled with residual soil to the standard depth compaction, the surface layer is 200mm thick reinforced concrete. In this method, if the pit is too deep, the amount of backfilling work is relatively large.

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2, the bottom plate of the bottom pit can be made of concrete slab or steel plate. The construction of concrete structural slab is more complicated but the cost is low. The construction of steel structure is simple but the cost is slightly higher. Regardless of the type of partition, the uniform load of the floor should not be less than 5000 N/m2, and a solid column (concrete or steel column) should be added under the car and the counterweight buffer to extend to the bottom of the -2 layer.

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