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How to deal with elevator card?

Mar 10, 2017

When the elevator "card layer" and other faults, the elevator will automatically stop running, which is an automatic elevator protection measures. If this happens, we need not nervous panic, because the elevator installed anti dropping device security, once the crash, anti dropping device will be firmly stuck in the elevator groove on both sides of the track, the elevator fall. At this time, you should be the first time in the foreign press the elevator call button, linked to the property company property, will promptly notify the elevator maintenance unit, only half an hour, the maintenance unit will usually arrived at the scene. During the waiting period, if you hear a noise outside, you can shout to attract the attention of passers-by. Special remind is, don't try to open the elevator from the inside, this is because the elevator malfunction, gate circuit failure occurs sometimes situation, this time the elevator may be exceptionally started, in addition, trapped because they don't understand the position of floor in the elevator outage, blindly opens the elevator door, the risk will fall into the elevator shaft