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How to buy an elevator

Mar 07, 2019

How to choose the elevator, this is the problem that the general newcomer will encounter. Here, how to buy the elevator under the introduction of the elevator home column elevator knowledge:

    1 Determination of elevator type

At the beginning of the planning period of the building, the purpose of the building should be clarified, because the types of elevators used by hotels, office buildings, hospitals, houses or industrial and mining enterprises are often very different, and once determined, It is very troublesome to change again.

After the use of the building is determined, the passenger flow analysis is made according to factors such as the building area, the floor (height), the flow of people entering and exiting, and the location of the building in which the elevator is located, in order to determine the elevator speed and load capacity (load when the elevator car is fully loaded) The number of elevators required.


    2 Drawing of elevator civil works

After determining the type, speed, load capacity, number of elevators, number of stops, total stroke height, etc., the architectural design department can be entrusted to design the blueprint. Here, the part of the elevator civil construction (mainly the elevator shaft) and the design department should be clearly defined. It is necessary to provide the same type of civil engineering drawings with professional elevator manufacturers, and draw elevator civil construction drawings in combination with different structures of building elevator ladders such as brick structure, concrete structure, brick-concrete structure or steel-bone structure.

To add a sentence, although the owner may not have yet determined which manufacturer's elevator products to use, but because the elevator manufacturers are based on the national elevator standards, even if there are some differences, they are similar, no problem, the owners can rest assured .

3 Selection of elevator specifications

In the selection of elevator specific manufacturers and brands, it is not necessary to say more here, because now the elevator market has already become the buyer's market, you can contact as much as possible and choose. It should be noted that in the configuration of the hall, car door, car size and elevator specifications, it is necessary to adopt the general standard type product, because the standard size is manufactured uniformly, and the cost is relatively cheaper. For example, two elevators of the same brand have the same speed, load, and number of halls (doors), but one size is a general standard series, and the other hall door and car size It is determined to be non-standard, that is to say, it needs to be processed separately, then the cost of the latter equipment is 10% to 15% higher than that of the former. Of course, if you want to use elevators with similar specifications or other special specifications. If the cost cannot be avoided, it will be even bigger.

One thing is more important for the buyer to pay attention to, because the elevator is a special commodity, it is used to order the sales of the sales method, in other words, it is like tailoring, according to your specific requirements to order production, so once the supply and demand contract is signed, the manufacturer It is very troublesome to change the size and parameters of the specific specifications after putting into production. If the buyer requests a return for this purpose, the prepayment of the factory deposit according to the contract is not refundable. Here, in order to facilitate your choice of differentiation, let's take a look at the specifications of common common standard vertical passenger elevators. Take the load of 1 000kg ladder as an example. The standard should be: the number of passengers is 13 and the hall door is in the form of a middle door. The door is 1.0m wide and 2.1m high. The car is 1.6m wide, 1.4m deep and 2.3m high (can be made 2.3-2.5m high). The required civil engineering size is 2.2m wide and 2.3m deep. The door has a net width of 1.24m and a height of 2.24m. Its elevator machine room must be located directly above the ladder shaft. These basic data are the basic parameters of the current unified standard form of elevators at home and abroad.


Above, we mentioned the elevator manufacturers and brands. When choosing the elevator factory, choosing the elevator brand and choosing to install the construction department, the buyer should be very cautious. It can also be said that this is a very important step in purchasing the elevator, so before the elevator is ordered to sign the contract It is necessary for the purchasing department to take time out to conduct necessary audits and inspections for the supplier; and the manufacturer is obliged to present the business license and elevator production license to the buyer, and the construction industry enterprise qualification qualification of the construction department, and the installation safety approval certificate. The certification documents also require the buyer to consult the supplier's service commitment and warranty time before and after the sale, and understand the condition and performance of the products they need in actual use, specifically the highest lifting height of this type of elevator. The number of stops, special tools for maintenance, spare parts, supply cycle, the production of such products, the implementation of elevator functions, the use of the market, etc., can be included in the survey content and projects. These contents also directly reflect the comprehensive strength and basic production status of the manufacturer.

At present, the elevator manufacturing standards promulgated by the state have clear regulations on the basic functions and operating modes of elevators. Vertical ladders (except for debris ladders, etc.) are generally equipped with a dual-purpose conversion device with/without driver on the control panel. At the same time, functions such as maintenance switch and emergency stop button are used for special personnel to operate the elevator, but in the functional items, There is a big gap between the passenger elevator and the freight elevator and the debris ladder. The buyer must choose according to the elevator type. According to the national elevator manufacturing standard terms, the relevant content has been very detailed. The basic functions of various elevators are very complete, and it is no longer necessary for the owner to increase the equipment cost. However, some functions (other than basic functions) such as car interior and exterior monitoring The system, the power failure re-leveling device, the artificial intelligence magnetic card, etc. are part of the basic functions, of course, must increase the cost of certain equipment.


4 Understanding of the national standard of the elevator

Elevator national standard (referred to as the abbreviation of the standards and regulations formulated by the national standard of the People's Republic of China for the production, manufacture and installation of elevators). Even if it is not a professional, it is impossible to understand the installation of elevators in buildings. Regulatory documents. Now the manufacturer is implementing the "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation" promulgated by the state in 1995: GB7588-1995. It specifies the implementation standards in detail, such as the horizontal dimension of the hoistway, the deviation of the verticality, the minimum height of the top layer, the depth of the pit and the absence of any other pipelines in the elevator shaft except the elevator equipment. Now the labor department is required for safety and is required to be specified in the hoistway. To install standard permanent lighting, the ventilation and lighting brightness of the equipment room must conform to the standard. The main power switch is installed in a uniform position, and the surrounding area can meet the carrying capacity. The environmental requirements must be implemented and meet the national standard of the elevator.

It is also important to note that if you use more than 2 elevators and install them in the same elevator hall, you can choose parallel or group control mode to make the elevator car realize the automation of dispatching and dispatching without driver control. To improve elevator usage and reduce passenger waiting time. However, the conditions for satisfying these procedures are that the parallel or group control ladders must be required to be consistent at the stop level and the intermediate stop of the base station; the call display button and the response signal should be unified, and the civil construction elevator ladder adjacent to each other should be left Intercommunication reserved for the doorway between the wells, the location of the machine room must be directly above the elevator car, and so on.

After understanding the above situation, the owner also knows that when installing the elevator, he should bear the engineering responsibility. The supplier of the elevator equipment should bear the responsibility. The construction team should have the conditions and responsibilities, and the heart naturally has a bottom.


5 Determination of elevator price

The price of equipment is the most concerned and most sensitive to both the supply and demand sides. It needs to be discussed repeatedly, and even directly affects whether the two parties establish a relationship between supply and demand and sign the key conditions for the elevator sales contract. The entire price of the entire elevator project should include: all equipment prices, transportation costs, tariffs, insurance fees, installation fees, commissioning fees and manufacturers to the owner's commitment to pre-sales, after-sales warranty and other related costs, but here need to explain, in the construction department of the factory When the owner of the property has completed the installation and acceptance, and the qualified elevator, some post-costs should be borne by the owner, such as elevator registration fee, installation acceptance inspection fee, fire (equipment) inspection fee, and annual annual inspection fee of the elevator.

The above-mentioned related fees, both supply and demand should be implemented as far as possible in the signing of the contract between the two parties. It is the best way to avoid disputes by clarifying the responsibilities of both parties in written form.


6 Information required by both the supplier and the buyer

When the two parties sign the supply and demand contract, the property mainly provides the manufacturer with the detailed full name, address, zip code, relevant bank, account number, taxpayer code and the name of the person in charge of the specific project, contact information and other accurate information. The same manufacturer must also provide the above information and necessary qualifications to the acquirer. These are all required for the standard model of supply and demand for industrial products in China.


7 Delivery and payment methods

The owner can request the elevator manufacturer to specify the delivery date for the progress of the civil construction of the building. Now the general supplier's delivery period takes 2 and a half months to 4 months, and the general building elevator equipment is best placed in the building. It is advisable to dismantle the outdoor tower crane beforehand. If it arrives before this, it will inevitably cause storage and storage problems, and after that, there will be secondary lifting and handling costs.

When it comes to supply, it is necessary to mention payment. Now there are two types of payment methods commonly used in the elevator market.

The first type is that the demander pays 30%~35% of the total payment of the supplier for the equipment deposit within the specified time after the contract is signed. The manufacturer arranges the production according to the elevator specification parameters on the contract. After the complete equipment production of the elevator is completed, the industry will pay 60%~65% of the total payment according to the manufacturer's payment notice. The manufacturer will deliver the freight to the designated place. After the installation is completed, the payment will be made. 5% of the total amount of the final paragraph (this paragraph can also be used as a warranty for a general warranty after 1 year). The sales contract is completed.

The second type is that the demander pays the deposit of 20% of the total equipment of the supplier, and then the supplier distributes the elevator equipment to the demander in a wholesale manner. Generally, it is divided into three batches, and each batch is 30%, 50% according to the purchase price. 20% payment.

Of course, these terms of supply or payment are the conditions for the execution of the contract between the two parties, and the unsuccessful party still needs to set the corresponding penalty clause, but to be honest, the current elevator sales contract has contradictions, mainly in the payment aspect, and In the event of an economic dispute, most of the losers are manufacturers.


8 Contract text

The supply and demand contract for elevator equipment is generally 4 copies, and the two parties are responsible for each of the two parties. The signature of the legal representative or authorized agent after the negotiation between the two parties is also established after the signature of the two parties (or the special seal for the contract).

As a supplier, before the contract is signed, it is generally required to arrange the payment after the buyer has received the deposit for the contract. This is the uniform practice of the elevator industry at present.


9 Emphasis on “one-stop” service

Understand the situation described above, it is reasonable to say that the topic of this article has ended. However, the elevator is a special commodity after all. The speciality is that the elevator is not qualified at the factory but is completely installed in the elevator equipment. After being fully accepted by the government professional department, it is obtained at the actual site of the owner, so the quality of an elevator is controlled. Finally, it is necessary to reflect the actual use conditions, running comfort, failure rate and other operational indicators, must grasp the three main links (also known as the three stages) first, the quality of elevator equipment products, which requires elevator manufacturers The second is to pay attention to the level of installation and commissioning technology, which requires the continuity of after-sales service, requires the manufacturer to pay attention to the after-sales service; secondly, the maintenance and management is reasonable and timely, this requirement is certain Professional knowledge and responsibility, of course, manufacturers technical support, such as professional training, so the country issued a red-headed document by the Ministry of Construction as early as the early 1990s, clearly stipulated that: elevator products use the "one-stop" service mode of the manufacturer, That is, elevator manufacturers protect their own elevator equipment. Repair, installation and commissioning, maintenance and other duties. According to this document, we also specially remind the person in charge of purchasing the elevator. No matter which manufacturer's elevator product you ordered, once the two parties have signed the supply and demand contract, you must be responsible for the after-sales service by the manufacturer, which will protect your interests. Can also avoid a lot of wrangling. Only by grasping these three aspects, it is undoubtedly a good elevator in front of you.

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