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How does the elevator work

Dec 27, 2017

The elevator has a car and a counterweight, connected by wire rope, the rope through the drive (traction machine) traction drive, so that the elevator car and counterweight in the elevator rail up and down movement.

The guide shoe fixed on the car can reciprocate up and down along the fixed rail mounted on the hoistway wall of the building to prevent the car from being skewed or swung during operation. Normally closed block brake in the motor when the brake, the elevator operation, in the case of loss of power to brake, so that the car stops lifting and landing in the designated layer to maintain its standstill for the access of personnel and goods. Cabin is carrying the passenger or other load parts of the cabinet, the weight is used to balance the car load and reduce the motor power. The compensation device is used to compensate for the tension and weight changes in the rope movement, so that the load of the traction motor is stable and the car can be stopped accurately. Electrical system to achieve the elevator movement control, while the completion of election layer, leveling, speed, lighting work. Indication call system at any time to display the car's movement direction and location of the floor. Safety device to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.