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How does the door resolve the elevator

Jul 04, 2018

Want to know that the door is a fierce for the elevator? Nowadays, many residential gates will face the elevator. Generally, Mr. Feng Shui believes that the gate will affect the fortune of the elevator. No matter how much money you earn, it will be quickly broken. It’s not as fast as a flower. In general, it’s not enough to make ends meet, and it’s impossible to save money. The elevator is called the “opening”. Let's let the editors of the very fortune Fengshui network take you to understand.

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   How does the door resolve the elevator?

   The door should not be facing the elevator door. Some people think that everything seems to be related to "feng shui", and some people prefer to listen to such a statement, especially in the residential area. The reporter learned from several architects that some "says" coincide with general planning or design common sense. From the perspective of design and the psychological perception of people's use, it is quite reasonable. The right can be regarded as right. A popular interpretation of certain design specifications.

   This is a question about the layout of the entire house. In general, high-rise residential buildings have elevators and front rooms, and there is almost no opportunity for each floor of each household to face the elevator.

   In some multi-storey elevators, the presence of the elevator enhances the quality of the residence, but since it is not necessary to provide a fully enclosed front room, the position of the elevator is more flexible. At this time, it should be noted whether the elevator is facing the household. Household door. If this is the case, it will inevitably form mutual interference of the line of sight. When the elevator door and the door are opened at the same time, the situation inside the house is clear at a glance, and there is always a sense of being monitored when entering and leaving, which cannot be stabilized. When the layout of the layout has become such a formula, the existence of the entrance (small foyer) is crucial, and it can block some interference.

  Argument: In general, if the door is connected with the door and the door is facing the elevator door, it is not good. If the door is also the door of the room, it is more difficult to go straight to the elevator door.

  The method of solving the elevator on the gate: the threshold of the hanging door on the gate or the threshold of the gate should be increased. Another method is to set the entrance in the house.

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