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How can we save ourselves when the elevator is falling?

May 09, 2017

In life, there is always the elevator, but! In case of an elevator crash, when it falls fast,

You may have only one idea standing in the elevator waiting for death! .

I hope you won't have that idea again.

Protect your best move when the elevator is falling:

Press the buttons on each floor of the elevator. Because when the emergency power starts, the elevator stops falling.

If the elevator has a hand, hold it in one hand. This will help you fix your position and reduce your injury due to the unstable center of gravity.

Step 3: keep your head down to the wall of the elevator and keep your body close to the wall of the elevator and use the wall of the elevator as a defense against your spine.

Bend your knees. Ligaments are the most resilient tissue in the human bone, which can be stressed by ligaments, not bones.

Lift your heels, which is to put your toes on the toes. If you have fewer people in the elevator, it's best to spread your arms around the arm or the wall of the elevator.

Must keep in mind:

When taking the elevator, if you find the elevator running abnormal or the elevator has a coke smell, you should stop and tell the maintenance staff in time, and put warning signs in the elevator.

Don't take 'overage' and don't meet the standard elevator.

Parents should use education children to get the elevator right and how to respond when an elevator accident occurs.

Don't jump in and out of the elevator.