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Hefei wants to install the elevator in the old community! Answers to your concerns

Feb 21, 2019

For Yang Shihai, an old man living in Hetian City’s Tianyuanyuan Community, he and his neighbors became the “eat crabs” who took the initiative to apply for elevators in the old residential areas of our province. On the 19th, Yang Shihai, a resident representative, participated in the training conference on elevators installed in Hefei City, and described his own experiences. Anhui Business Daily Rong Media reporter learned from Hefei Real Estate Bureau that at present, 10 elevators have been installed and put into use in Hefei, and 4 elevators are being installed. According to the preliminary analysis of the real estate department, more than 400 old communities in Hefei have intentionally installed elevators.

[presentation] Adding elevators Coordination is very important

70-year-old Yang Shihai, who lives in Unit 2, Building 5, Tianyi Park, Qingxi Road, Hefei City. "Adding an elevator is a big event and requires patient coordination." Yang Shihai introduced it at the scene yesterday. In July 2017, the Laoshan District of Hefei City issued the first temporary method for installing elevators in existing houses in the province and set up subsidies to provide policy and financial support for their elevators.

Yang Lao said that the unit he lived in was mostly elderly, and climbing the stairs became a problem. After consultation, the unit was officially installed and installed on June 6, 2018, and completed by mid-August. Old people are now very convenient to swipe up and down the elevator, eliminating the need to climb the building.

The addition of an elevator is good for the convenience of residents, but there are also some objective problems. Yang Shihai said that in the process of applying for installation, a lot of coordination work needs to be done. Because neighbors involved in each floor, according to the relevant regulations, at least 2/3 of the owners signed and agreed, and each household has different attitudes toward the installation of elevators, and needs to be patiently coordinated. Fortunately, there is an urgent need for the elderly in his unit. It took only 10 days to reach an agreement and 100% agreed to install.

However, in communicating with other community owners, Yang Shihai found that there are actually many objective problems in installing elevators in many communities. For example, not every household agrees to install elevators, how to coordinate, how to balance everyone's needs, and install elevators. How to allocate the costs is a matter that needs to be straightened out.

Yang Shihai said that in the process of installing elevators, the relevant departments of Laoshan District of Hefei City provided consulting and services in legal and practical operations. The whole process was decided by the neighbors.

[Department hot discussion]

Laoshan District: the relevant documents are first introduced in the fertilizer industry.

The elevators that the owners of the Tianyuan Park independently applied for were the first in the province, and the Laoshan District of Hefei City became the first area to issue special documents.

Chen Longchuan, the relevant person in charge of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Laoshan District, introduced yesterday that in March 2016, Laoshan District went to Shanghai, Fuzhou and other cities to “take the classics”, and combined with the actual situation of the area, issued relevant documents, stipulating that the installation of elevators must meet three items at the same time. Conditions: The completion time is not earlier than January 1, 1990; the house must be framed; the floor height must not be less than 6 stories. Subsequently, the elevator was installed in the Hefei Forestry District for pilot projects.

In July 2017, on the basis of summarizing the experience of pilot construction, the district issued the “Interim Measures for the Installation of Elevators in Existing Buildings in Laoshan District”, and clarified that all the owners of this building or this unit invested in the installation of elevators were the builders. After soliciting and obtaining the written consent of all the owners, apply to the District Housing and Construction Bureau. After the approval, the construction party directly entrusts the involved unit or elevator manufacturer to carry out the scheme design and publicity, and the design unit optimizes and deepens the design according to the review opinions. Before the construction of the elevator, the construction party shall report to the district housing construction bureau, the district market supervision bureau and other units. After the completion of the construction, the construction party organizes the completion acceptance according to law, and handles the elevator registration procedures with the District Market Supervision Administration. These are the experiences and methods that have been gradually explored in the actual operation over the past two years.

Real Estate Bureau: more than 400 old districts intentionally installed

Wang Chengfang, director of the Environmental Comprehensive Improvement Office of the Old Community of Hefei Real Estate Bureau, said that the first principle of installing elevators is “owner independence.” In the course of actual operation, Hefei City has formed a consensus, and government departments provide policy solutions, problem coordination, and administrative management. The services such as filing are not the main body of the elevator, and fully respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the community owners.

At the end of last year, Hefei City issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Installation of Elevated Existing Residential Buildings in Hefei City”, which clearly has legal ownership certificates. It has not been included in the shantytowns (endangered houses) and the renovation scope and plans of the villages within 5 years. 4 or more floors (including 4 floors) without elevators will be completed and put into use, and the elevators can be applied for to meet the requirements of structural safety, public security and fire safety. The application for the installation of the elevator shall be submitted with the consent of the owner who owns more than 2/3 of the total area of the building and the owner of the total number of households is more than 2/3. Funds are mainly raised from three aspects: the owners jointly contribute; apply for the own and the spouse housing provident fund, can also apply for the use of residential special maintenance funds; urban (including development zone) finances for non-single property rights existing residential plus elevator subsidy funds after the event The form of subsidy shall be subsidized at 200,000 yuan/set, and the municipal and district finances shall each bear 50%.

Wang Chengfang said that as of now, 10 elevators have been installed in Hefei City and 4 are under construction. The preliminary survey of the old community shows that more than 400 have been intentionally installed. This year, Hefei City's existing buildings will be widely installed. In the next step, Heshan District of Hefei City will increase the awareness of the regulations and procedures related to the installation of elevators in the community this year, and increase the participation of residents.

Economic Development Zone: It is proposed to introduce third-party professional vascular management

The installation of elevators is beneficial to residents' travel, but its objective problems are also the focus of discussions at yesterday's meeting. Many problems arise before and during the installation, such as the need for a large number of consultations between residents, how to determine the proportion of different floors, and the problem of blocking light on the first floor. After the elevator is installed, there are still many problems to be solved.

The person in charge of the relevant department of the Lotus Community in Hefei Economic Development Zone, who attended the meeting yesterday, said that after the elevator is installed, daily maintenance and custody are issues that need to be taken seriously. As the main body, the owner has no time and no special expertise to maintain the elevator. The elevator company's maintenance has a certain period of time, which is difficult to achieve in the long run. To this end, the community is discussing the introduction of third-party management, the professional operation and maintenance company is responsible for the daily safe maintenance of the elevator, and is led by the owner to coordinate and solve the problems that arise at any time during the use of the elevator. At present, this is only a preliminary idea, and specific plans are being designed.

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