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Heavy enough, talented! Is your elevator overweight?

Aug 07, 2018

What is the correct way to open your life?

Meet him, for you

You can enter the moon for nine days.

Under the sea can catch

This is the romance of a lover~~~

Again, you also need to meet one of it for you

Between the upper and lower worlds, bearing the weight of life

This is the responsibility of the elevator~~~

To this end, Sumitomo Fuji Elevator is not afraid of "overweight"

Always work tirelessly and strive for the best

Think about it carefully, 10 tons to upload is really nothing.

It’s just a national recognition of manufacturing

It’s just a few of the few things that are feasible in the industry.

Of course, if 10 tons is like this

Maybe you should suddenly realize

On the road to development

We never thought about being lightly loaded.

Heavy enough

The more stable the elevator, the more peace of mind

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