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Have you noticed these details before buying a house? Elevator windows are especially important

Feb 20, 2019

Recently, the frequent reports on elevator accidents have caused people to pay attention to the quality and maintenance of elevators. Nowadays, before buying a house, the most concerned issues are often the location, size, price, etc. These contents are undoubtedly very important, but people often find that after the real check-in, some houses like elevators, windows, waterproof, warmth, etc. Problems that are not considered at the same time will also affect the feeling of living and even create security problems. So, what details should you pay attention to before buying a house?


    As the density of urban dwellings increases, the use of elevators is getting higher and higher, and even multi-storey houses are beginning to be equipped with elevators. For the safety of elevators, on the one hand, the developer should choose a safe and qualified elevator brand and model in the attitude of the buyer at the beginning of construction; on the other hand, the property and maintenance company should be under the constraints of the rules and regulations. Seriously perform the management and maintenance of the elevator.

    In order to meet the market demand, elevator manufacturers will produce elevators of different grades. The performance indicators such as load capacity and speed are also different. Prices range from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan, and the comfort and reliability are different. For residential elevators, some developers tend to choose lower-priced general brands and lower-grade elevators in order to reduce costs. Buyers should try to install a home with a well-known brand, good performance, and high-profile elevators. The relevant national design codes divide the residential elevator configuration into four levels of “economic” to “luxury”, and stipulate high-rise residential buildings of 12 stories or above, and the number of elevators should be no less than two. When there are 25 people living on each floor and the number of floors is 24 or more, at least 3 elevators should be provided. When each floor has 25 people and the number of floors is 35 or more, at least 4 elevators should be provided.

    For elevators, the use management and maintenance after check-in is more important. According to the regulations of the relevant state departments, the elevator should be maintained at least once every half month, in addition to quarterly maintenance, half-year maintenance and annual maintenance. The property company shall conduct daily inspections of the elevator operation, record the daily use of the elevator, establish elevator management files, supervise and cooperate with the elevator maintenance unit to do the maintenance work, and sign and confirm the maintenance records.


    Windows are essential for creating a welcoming home environment that solves not only lighting problems, but also wind, dust, noise and insulation. According to industry insiders, the good air tightness of the window is the fundamental guarantee for blocking dust from entering the room. At present, the mainstream form materials on the market include wood, steel, and aluminum alloy. These materials have their own advantages. The key is to look at the details. High-quality windows are very sophisticated in every detail to ensure good wind pressure resistance; advanced welding equipment and welding technology, and independent drainage chamber to ensure the airtightness and air tightness of the window. On the contrary, the poor quality window material is poor, the surface of the metal parts is rough, and the drainage system is not perfect. After a long time of use, the form is easily deformed, and leakage and air leakage sometimes occur.

    In addition to the form, look at the glass. Ordinary glass insulation performance is poor, sound insulation performance is not good, summer heat, cold winter, the outside environment is also very easy to affect indoor life. Many developers advertise that they are double-layer insulating glass, but the thickness of the glass and the distance between the two insulating glass are also difficult to achieve the desired effect if they are not up to standard. For high-end projects, Low-E energy-saving glass should be standard. Low-E energy-saving glass has good permeability. In summer, most of the heat in the sunlight can be blocked outdoors. In winter, the indoor heat lost through ordinary glass can be reduced to one-fourth, and the outdoor noise can be effectively reduced.

    Going to the inspection room on rainy days, paying attention to many leaking points

    The torrential rains of the past few days have made the real estates that are waterproof and unobstructed. According to industry insiders, water leakage is a very complicated problem, and it is also a comprehensive product of various reasons, including housing design selection, unqualified exterior wall materials, unregulated operation during construction, and control of construction process. In the new house that has not yet been occupied, there is no leakage of water caused by human use. Therefore, more than 80% of the leaks in the new house can be attributed to the developer's engineering quality. More importantly, some of the hidden water leaks caused by the quality problems of construction projects cannot be repaired at the end, such as the repair of water seepage from the outer wall.

    I want to know that the house I bought is leaky. The most obvious way to see the house on a rainy day is to let the buyers who have no professional skills see the leaking of the house. Because some of the problems that were not revealed on sunny days will gradually emerge during the rainy season, the camouflage of the cattle will not be able to withstand the rain. However, the reality is that few buyers have made the purchase decision after checking the water seepage situation of the real estate on rainy days, which has become the most neglected part of the buyers. When testing whether the house is leaking, there are several parts that must be focused on, such as exterior walls, ceilings, air-conditioning reservations, bathrooms, balcony windowsills, etc. If there are signs of water seepage, it is necessary to communicate with the developer.

    Pay attention to keep warm and pay attention to fire prevention.

    For building insulation, the state has clear regulations. At present, the basic insulation used in the country is basically like wearing a large cotton jacket for the house. The thickness of the insulation layer directly determines the energy-saving insulation effect. In the cold northeast region, in order to achieve the national 50% energy-saving effect, the thickness of the insulation layer of most buildings reaches 7 cm, and the energy-saving effect of some buildings is as high as 65%, and the thickness of the insulation layer is reached. 9 cm, the thicker the insulation performance, the better.

    The insulation layer of the wall not only has a heat preservation effect, but the most important thing is that it can be fireproof, which is really related to human life safety. It is reported that the occurrence of some major fire accidents in recent years has a lot to do with the flame retardation of the wall. Some insulation materials of the wall are not flame retardant. If there is a fire, it will not only control the fire, but will help combustion. Therefore, when buying a house, a careful understanding of the material of the wall insulation layer is a detail that cannot be ignored. Insulation materials are hidden in the building, invisible and intangible. Many people often neglect when choosing a house. At this time, you need to ask the sales staff for accurate answers when choosing a house. If you want to verify, the only way is to check the site when the building is insulated.

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