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Free installation of elevators in the old community? It turned out to be a scam!

Feb 28, 2019

Recently, residents living in the Jiangnan Hongqi Community in the urban area are discussing one thing. The multi-storey buildings in the community may have to be installed with elevators. I heard that this elevator is not installed for money. Is there such a good thing in the world? Please see our reporter survey.

     At the door of the security room of the Hongqi Community in the city, there is such a document: caring for the elderly, letting love always, helping the old elevator project. There are also slogans for free construction and paid use.

This free installation of the elevator notice, from about ten days ago, was posted at the entrance of the Hongqi community, because its slogan is free construction, it has caused discussions among many owners.

     However, some owners have raised doubts. Although I have heard that multi-storey buildings can apply for installation of elevators, it is too strange to install them for free.

     The reporter then found the head of the property company in the community. She said that the leaflets were brought by the industry committee. In the past few days, she has asked many residents to fill out the opinion form.

     Jin Surong, director of the Hongqi Community of Yibang Property, said: "This is the information that our industry committee went out to meet and asked us to help us find the property. We don't know what happened. We sent the information to the community and the community said that he do not know either."

For this self-supporting project to install the elevator free of charge, the property manager said that she had never suspected before, until the reporter raised doubts, she was surprised that there might be problems. "I think that we are caring for the elderly all over the country. This is not impossible. It is also possible. Now it is an ageing society. He can help the old project, and it may be true. Now it is only a bottom, and it is only necessary to implement the notice from the relevant departments. ""

     During the interview, the reporter searched the Internet for the word “helping the old elevator project”. The first news was “helping the old to install the elevator project scam: it was carried out in the name of the National Committee on Aging.” In the corresponding official website of the China Aging Association, there is also a special rumor statement that the project is currently in the research and demonstration stage, and it is necessary to be careful to collect money on the grounds of collecting money. The reporter will then The situation was reflected in the Yayuan community, and the community director said that the matter had been verified.

Ye Hua, director of the Yayuan Community Residents Committee of Sanjiang Street, Development Zone: “I called the Jinhua Municipal Committee on Ageing according to the announcement and decided that it is impossible to issue documents in the name of the assistant project. If it is feasible, it is also necessary to build the department. I have called the construction department and I don't have this document."

    Subsequently, Ye Hua called a contact person on the leaflet, and the other party said that they would also come to the community to communicate and send information.

    Finally, for the free installation of the elevator, the community director Ye Hua said that there are no relevant documents at all levels, and the citizens should not be convinced. If they encounter similar incidents, they should report them in time and do not agree without authorization.

    According to our understanding, Jinhua City has not officially issued relevant documents for the installation of elevators in multi-storey buildings. The specific how to apply for installation and maintenance is still under discussion. As for the free installation of elevators in the news, as long as you think about it and check it, you can find many of its loopholes. This is obviously a scam. I hope relevant departments can investigate this group and severely investigate illegal activities.

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