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Four questions about elevator failure

Jul 19, 2017

Now the high-rise building is everywhere, subsequent elevator trouble happened often, being trapped in the elevator have occurred, today Xiaobian summed up the "lift trouble four questions", I hope to give high-rise residents friends some help!

1:Will the elevator fall?

Firefighters say that normal used elevators don't fall, and there's a safety anti fall device at the bottom of the elevator to keep the elevator from falling. When the power failure occurs, the safety device can not fail, so the elevator can not slide out of the elevator slot. Forcing door open, jumping in the elevator and overloading are three main reasons for the elevator accident. In fact, after experts test - Forcing door open and jumping in the elevator can not result in falling of elevator direct, but they can let the normal operation of the elevator take emergency measures suddenly, emergency stop leads elevator door locked and cannot be opened; overload is the direct cause for elevator falling.

2:traping in the elevator will suffocate?

In a narrow elevator, many passengers are worried about choking if they are trapped for a long time. Firefighters said that currently used elevators must meet the ventilation requirements which can be put into market; any elevator has vents, not sealed. In addition, even if the elevator power failure, ventilation equipment also has standby power supply. The elevator also has many moving parts, some connected position, such as connection place between car wall and car top of the elevator are gap. Generally speaking, it is enough for everyone to breathe.

3:can the passengers force the door open while trapped?

Firefighters also remind everyone that the elevator did not fall, it does not mean that there is no danger, if the passengers forced the elevator door open, it will not only lead to non natural power failure, but also increase abnormal wear for the elevator steel cable brake affecting the emergency braking effect for brake, then there is hidden danger of falling. In fact, the basic cause of elevator falling is long time friction loss or human damage, averagely the lift need to maintain every 15 days once. When we ride the elevator, we also concern about whether the tool is inspected in time and unsafe factors are existed or not.

4:which is safest way when is trapped in the elevator

"To keep calm is to get help as soon as possible."." Firefighters say that there are emergency calls or intercom systems in the elevator in order to contact with the outside world in a timely manner, as well as pushing alarm bells on the index board. Most of the elevator are covered by the mobile phone signal, the trapped people can call "elevator maintenance call" or "emergency call" on the safety inspection sign plate, to ask help from professional elevator maintenance personnel; you can also call 119 or 110 telephone to ask help from the police or firefighters. In addition, also you can pat the door with your hand, "Dong Dong, Dong Dong" to send a help signal.