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example, technology leading、 quality reliability、 running comfort 、energy-saving and environment protection、beautiful decoration、and passenger elevator

Feb 22, 2017

1. Name of product passenger elevator

2. Information of product

Brand name:

Marohn-Thyssenkrupp elevator

Model number:

MEP passenger elevator

Manufacture standard:


Place of origin:



3. Main technical parameter

Product name

passenger elevator


machine room

speed range


capacity range


maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



flexible decoration series

applicable place

Office buildingresidence

4. Product introduction

MEP passenger elevators have many characteristics, for example, technology leading、 quality reliability、 running comfort 、energy-saving and environment protection、beautiful decoration. The leading technology is widely used in the product. The compact design、energy-saving character、maintenance-free running、reducing the vibration and noise highlighted MEP passenger elevators excellent performance.

The advanced producing and manufacturing base possesses main engine independent producing capacity which ensures Marohn elevator to control and continually improve for main engine quality. The machining and test equipment of main engine come from international first-rate brand. The technical indexes for product are tested by national elevator testing center to achieve national and European EN81 top product level.

Control system

The advanced Marohn elevator integrated controller integrates computer technology、 auto-control technology、 Network communication technology、 Motor vector drive technology ,possess international leading level.

▲ 32-bit control system

▲ High integrated elevator core accessory

▲CANBUS Bus transmission, group control

Door system

Using VVVF vector closed loop control technology, even if the hall door meets different resistance, (if hall door meets strong wind to blow and press), the speed curve of controller door opening and closing is completely consistent.

Door machine system with intelligent door closing and running torque limit function can protect from clamping during the process of door opening and door closing for door machine.