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Escalator standards

Dec 29, 2016

After July 1, 2012, energy-saving inspection of escalators, moving walkways, must perform a new national standard, the requirements of the new inspection rules.

Use the escalator and passenger conveyor control systems or energy-saving systems are required to meet the new national standards, in line with new test procedures and rules for the inspection requirements for type test certificate.

Control system or PESSRAE should be obtained and used in the energy-saving system of type test certification.

For in with escalator and automatically sidewalk,, except national quality supervision quarantine general--quality special letter (2012) 28th, paper "on implement implementation escalator and automatically sidewalk new standard and test rules about matters of notification" in the clear on "anti-touch bezel", and "anti-clip device", and "handrails with margin distance", and "using notes" and "business stopped distance", project of rectification outside. In order to achieve safer and more effective "not reversed", "Cascade or lack of pedal", "stopping distance monitoring" and so on protection functions, increase the PESSRAE device.

In General, the PESSRAE device includes a dedicated power supply, a safety circuit board, six sensors (respectively for main sprocket Velocimetry and non-reversal detection, Cascade or pedal lost arm speed, monitoring), as well as seven "safety switches" (respectively for brake opening monitoring, inspection cover on the monitor and attach the brake monitor).