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Escalator reversal reason

Dec 29, 2016

1.1 electrical risk source

Grid wrong phase, and broken phase, and lost pressure, caused motor reverse or drive force insufficient, led uplink of escalator reversed, especially in overload uplink of workers condition Xia; low voltage components or device occurred short-circuit, and adhesion, and circuit breaker, fault, or security circuit, and brake control loop, occurred fault, makes of failure, cannot up to the some protection, and control, and business stopped, role, makes escalator reversed.

1.2 mechanical risk source

Drive device and cascade sprocket Zhijian of drive chain broken chain caused reversed; drive cascade of chain occurred broken chain and caused reversed, escalator serious overload, caused motor torque insufficient and led to reversed, drive device and cascade sprocket Zhijian of drive using of belt occurred skid and caused reversed, escalator and automatically sidewalk in run in the suddenly occurred fault led to urgent stopped, and work brake cannot provides enough of brake torque and led to reversed.