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Elevator world record

Dec 29, 2016

Has "the highest highest outdoor elevator, double-decker sightseeing elevator, loading the maximum fastest passenger elevators" three Guinness world records, known as "the world's first escalator" elevator located in the Wulingyuan Scenic area in Zhangjiajie of Hunan water around the four attractions a cliff springing up. Wulingyuan Scenic observation elevator in Zhangjiajie national forest park to the North, by the hundred Dragon elevator company is responsible for operation of the Sino-US joint venture in Zhangjiajie's tourist map is called the hundred Dragon elevator. It consists of 154 metres underground shafts and 172-meter ground Derrick, 3 sightseeing cars side by side double exposed separately run, total less than 2 minutes, daily maximum carrying capacity of 18,000 people. 53 on the elevator, down 43.

Hundred Dragon elevator in the world natural heritage Wulingyuan Scenic area in Zhangjiajie, with "exposed to the world's highest sightseeing elevators, world's fastest double-decker sightseeing lift, load in the world's biggest and fastest elevator," three-time world title only. Mighty hundred Dragon elevator engineering, vertical height difference of 335 meters, runs an altitude of 326 metres from 154 meters inside the mountain DOI suthep and 172 m steel structure of vertical shaft using three double exposed elevator runs parallel. Each of the 47 passengers, speed 3 m/s, three run every hour to and from capacity up to 3000 people.

Hundred Dragon elevator building in order to achieve "the upper reaches of the mountains, mountain living" provides transport for the goal. From the water around the yuanjiajie first four-door car to the mountain bridge, Wulong village, the Emperor slopes, steep precipice mountain, takes 4 hours to reach (from the garden after climbing to 2 hours), whereas hundred Dragon elevator takes only 2 minutes.