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Elevator tips that are neglected when buying a house

Jan 04, 2019

       When purchasing a property, we will take the initiative to understand the civil quality of the house, lighting, ventilation, community environment, etc., but it is easy to ignore the residential elevators used. The quality and configuration of residential elevators directly affect the safety and comfort of travel. We should pay attention to the purchase of houses.

      The first thing to look at is the quality of the elevator. In order to meet the market demand, elevator manufacturers will produce elevators of different grades. The performance indexes such as load capacity and speed are not the same. The price ranges from 100,000 to over one million yuan, and the comfort and reliability are also different. For residential elevators, some developers tend to choose lower-priced general brands and lower-grade elevators in order to reduce costs. In order to seize the residential elevator market, elevator manufacturers will also lower prices by reducing material costs and reducing configuration. Buyers should try to choose a home with a well-known brand, high performance and high configuration elevator.

     Second, we must look at the number of elevators. If the number of elevators per unit of the residential building is small, the frequency of use will increase, and the electrical and mechanical components of the elevator will wear out and age, the failure rate will increase, and the service life will be reduced. The relevant national design codes divide the residential elevator configuration into four levels of “economic” to “luxury”, and stipulate high-rise residential buildings of 12 stories or above, and the number of elevators should be no less than two. When there are 25 people living on each floor and the number of floors is 24 or more, at least 3 elevators should be provided. When each floor has 25 people and the number of floors is 35 or more, at least 4 elevators should be provided.


      Who is the owner of the elevator?


      The owner is both the user of the residential elevator and the owner of the residential elevator. The Property Law stipulates that residential elevators are jointly owned by the owners as the ancillary facilities of the buildings, and the owners have rights and obligations to the elevators.

      For residential elevators, the owner usually entrusts the property company to perform the safety management duties of the elevator; if the newly installed elevator has not been handed over to the property owner or the property management unit, the project construction unit shall act as the use management unit to perform its obligations and assume responsibility.

      After the owner delegates the management responsibility of the elevator to the property company, it is not a good thing, you can let it go. To play the role of the master, in accordance with the property service contract, pay the property management fee including the daily maintenance and repair costs of the elevator on time, and urge the property company to do the daily management and maintenance work of the elevator.

     Elevator daily maintenance such as "health"


     The mechanical parts, electrical components, safety protection devices, etc. of the elevator may wear, wear and fatigue during use, resulting in elevator failure. Therefore, the elevator needs professional maintenance, regular cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, and maintenance to reduce the failure rate, improve reliability, extend the service life, and make it "healthy".

     Elevator maintenance and maintenance will consume certain materials and labor costs, which will inevitably generate expenses. In order to strictly implement the maintenance requirements in accordance with the technical regulations, when selecting maintenance units, we cannot blindly pursue low prices, otherwise the quality of elevator maintenance will be discounted. , resulting in frequent elevator failures and shortened life. The annual cost of an elevator for normal maintenance should generally be more than 4,000 yuan.

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