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Elevator text description 【Novice training】

Mar 05, 2018

Passengers, residential ladder: Passenger, Residential Elevator is hotels, high-rise residential buildings indispensable means of transport. She is a smooth, comfortable, safe premise. Passenger elevators emphasize her exquisite beauty and luxury style, while the residential ladder more emphasis on economical and practical, ultra-smooth riding comfort. Passenger elevator strong service function, can be composed of multiple elevators parallel group control, central monitoring, remote monitoring system can also be configured according to user needs, and select a variety of special service functions.

The series of elevators using the world's most advanced elevator dedicated control system and AC variable frequency (VVVF) speed control system. All-computer intelligent control, can realize multi-computer, modular, networked control; multi-protocol mode of communication, so that installation, maintenance more rapid and flexible; VVVF speed control system coupled with AC induction motor, according to different operating conditions, According to ergonomic preset speed curve, precise adjustment of motor speed, the elevator start, moving, stopping when the speed changes in people unknowingly be realized, so that passengers feel more comfortable. In addition, VVVF speed control system can also provide a good leveling accuracy, improve operational efficiency and reduce system consumption. Passenger features introduced

Basic configuration 〃 Automatic operation 〃 Maintenance operation 〃 Driver operation 〃 Fire back to the base station 〃 Self-help leveling 〃 Lock ladder function 〃 Automatic return station 〃 Arrival instructions 〃 Automatic door opening and closing 〃 Reverse slack 〃 Door fault protection 〃 Repeat opening 〃 Overload protection 〃 anti-trouble function 〃 fault record 〃 driver commutation 〃 anti-skid protection 〃 overload does not close the door 〃 pre-torque set 〃 direct stop 〃 full load straight 〃 peak service 〃 timeshare management 〃 hall open 〃 test function 〃 keep open time classification Setting 〃 Door open signal Gate area open 〃 Calling at the same floor outside the hall "〃 Safety touch panel, light curtain protection 〃 Contactor contact adhesion protection 〃 Motor overcurrent protection 〃 Automatic correction of car position 〃 Elevator status dot matrix display 〃 Power Overvoltage protection 〃 hall summoning adhesion removal 〃 running direction scroll display 〃 encoder fault protection

〃 best curve automatically generated 〃 motor parameters self-learning 〃 hoistway parameter self-learning 〃 reverse run protection 〃 motor overload protection 〃 power-off function of power-off 〃 outrun adhesion judgment 〃 door lock short-circuit detection 〃 service floor settings 〃 jump floor display 〃 Error command cancel 〃 Automatic password logic 〃 User-set check 〃 Short-to-ground detection 〃 Real-time clock management 〃 Door 1, door 2 Service layer setting 〃 Weighing signal compensation 〃 Night Security Layer 〃 Complete Works 〃 Optional 〃 set selected

Special configuration 〃 Voice station 〃 Independent operation 〃 Power-off rescue operation 〃 IC card user management 〃 Fireman operation 〃 Parallel operation 〃 Group control scheduling 〃 Communication status monitoring 〃 Remote monitoring function 〃 Remote monitoring function

2. Small Machine Room, Machine Roomless Elevator (Features: High Efficiency, Energy Saving, Maintenance-Free) Small Machine Room, None Machine Room Elevator The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine used in this series of elevators is compact in structure and requires no special installation space. Green elevator. High efficiency, low noise, low vibration, low torque fluctuations, smooth operation, better comfort. More suitable for commercial buildings and elegant residential buildings. Control system uses the world's most advanced multi-computer network control technology NICE3000-type control cabinet. It integrates the control system and drive system perfectly, with more advanced, more comfortable, safer, more convenient and more economical 5M features. The system is equipped with multiple CPUs, redundant DSP control units, high-performance vector variable frequency drive units, Intimate keypad, hand-held debugger, Canbus + RS485 full serial call system, remote monitoring interface, the entire cabinet compact, maximum savings in room space. 3. Freight Elevator Freight Elevator This series elevator according to the different needs of users sub-AC speed control and AC two-speed control system mode. PLC control system and the use of AC variable frequency, variable frequency VVVF speed

Technology, compared with the exchange of the same size elevator, not only save 50% of the electricity, but also greatly reduce the power capacity, reduce the operating noise of the elevator. At the same time the use of advanced microcomputer control technology, through technology integration, greatly improved the performance and quality of the cargo elevator, greatly reducing the incidence of failure; because of its use of AC two-speed electric drive technology, the elevator structure more Simple, easy to maintain. Our company elevator design optimization of the car, bright and spacious, economical and practical, so that goods transport fast, safe, reliable, stable operation, load capacity and so on. At the same time can be based on the location of the client room (including the side of the room type) design. In factories, workshops, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping malls, railway stations, libraries and other different uses and the environment, to meet customer needs. Tong Run licensing goods ladder is the best freight tools.

Freight Elevator Function Basic configuration 〃 Automatic operation 〃 Maintenance operation 〃 Driver operation 〃 Fire return base station 〃 Self-help leveling floor 〃 Lock ladder function 〃 Automatic return station 〃 Arrival instructions 〃 Automatic door opening and closing 〃 Reverse slack 〃 Door fault protection 〃 Repeatedly open the door 〃 overload protection 〃 anti-trouble function 〃 fault record 〃 driver commutation 〃 anti-skid protection 〃 overload does not close the door 〃 pre-torque settings 〃 direct stop 〃 keep the door open time classification settings 〃 open the door signal door open 〃 outside the same floor Shuang Hall summon 〃 safety touch panel, light curtain protection 〃 contactor contact adhesion protection 〃 motor overcurrent protection 〃 automatic correction of car position 〃 elevator status seven segment code display 〃 power supply over-voltage protection 〃 hall summon blocking adhesion 〃 running direction flashing display 〃 Encoder fault protection 〃 Motor parameter self-learning 〃 Reverse run protection 〃 Motor overload protection 〃 Power-off function 〃 Door lock short-circuit detection 〃 Service floor setting 〃 Jump floor display 〃 Full load direct drive 〃 Door 1, Door 2 Service Layer design Set 〃 hall open the door

Special configuration 〃 Fireman operation 〃 voice station

4. Hospital elevator Hospital Elevator medical elevator, hospital is used to transport patient vehicles, medical equipment and passengers dedicated elevator. Because of its special use of the elevator has a special and strict function

begging. Based on the general passenger elevator, a series of auxiliary functions have been specially added to combine the practicability with the humanity. The hospital is tailor-made for the hospital with the addition of buttons for the blind and handrails in the car. It also enables the elderly, children and children Patient added a sense of security. In order to reach critically ill patients as soon as possible, specially designed direct driving and independent operation of the function, the elevator can reach the required landing. At the same time "Tong-run card" medical ladder pay more attention to humane design, fully optimize the car structure, to maximize the use of customer requirements. For the passengers to create a quiet and comfortable environment for the patient to add some confidence in rehabilitation

5. Panorama Elevator The sightseeing elevator is an active art body which makes the building more beautiful and beautiful, allowing passengers to ascend the view during operation, enjoy the beautiful scenery outdoor and enjoy the modern equipment

Bring the feeling of comfort. And give life to the building's personality, to bring a different kind of modern architecture. Visible glass car made of special materials, with high transparency, spherical crystal structure, high strength, high temperature, vibration and other characteristics. Sedan has diamond and arc type, free choice by the user

6. High-Speed Elevator This series of elevators is a medium-speed and high-speed passenger elevator specially designed and developed for medium-high grade commercial buildings in a particularly busy traffic environment. Fully reflect the fast, flexible and convenient.

The product uses advanced elevator dedicated control system and AC variable frequency (VVVF) speed control system, together with the synchronous drive system. Elevator start, run, stop can reflect the superior comfort. Flat layer accurate, safe and reliable, high operating efficiency