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Elevator technicians turn to management, three issues that individuals and companies should deal with

Jul 25, 2018

Elevator companies promote talents and face many difficulties when selecting people.

    Whether a professional technician is competent or not is a major challenge for individuals or companies. It may be possible to guide and optimize from the following aspects.


    The transformation from "technical thinking" to "management thinking"

    “Single linear thinking” transforms to “three-dimensional thinking”.

    The so-called linear thinking is a typical technical thinking feature, formed by the characteristics of technical work and long-term training. The problems faced by management are complex and non-linear, and various factors must be considered in a three-dimensional way, and then judgments and decisions are made.

    Second, we must transform from "perfect orientation" to "result orientation."

    The so-called "perfect orientation" is always to pursue the best effect in the work, and even enter the realm of technology and technology. But doing so often ignores issues such as the market, costs, and real needs of customers.

    The management thinking is different, and it is a "result-oriented" type, that is, to see the expected expectations at the determined time nodes, and tolerate things that have no results.

    Technology and management are two different types of work scenarios. Apart from different thinking and orientation, the judgment criteria of the two kinds of thinking are different:

    Technology and profession often use right and wrong as the evaluation criteria.

    Most of the judgments in management are judged by validity, not by simple right or wrong.


    "Aspirations for Achievement"

    Excellent technical workers often have strong personal desires and pay more attention to personal achievement experiences. Every advancement in professional technology can make them ecstatic. They like to participate in seminars, competitions and other activities to show their personal abilities and gain recognition for their achievements.

    After embarking on a management position, go to the subordinates to compete for professional and technical skills, and pay too much attention to personal achievements, which will make managers ignore the management and overall view of the team, and become narrow-minded, even selfish people, teams or organizations in him. The development in your hand will be affected.

This shows that he has not yet completed the transition from an “individual contributor” to a “team contributor”. Because people with strong personal desires have invested more attention and energy in the professional aspect, the investment in organizational management will inevitably decline, leading to a decline in organizational capabilities and performance.

    There is a gap between a strong desire for personal achievement and a manager's role expectation. As a manager, the primary concern is the success of the team and the organization, and the individual success cannot be placed first.

    In reality, only a few people can do well in professional and technical aspects, and can also be comfortable in higher management positions. On the one hand, such people have higher quality, ability and energy level, on the other hand, such Leaders have a clearer understanding of the roles of managers, and they can switch between technical thinking and management thinking.

    Professional and management “shoulders picking” is a must at the grassroots level, because at the grassroots level, management is not so arduous, and management is closely related to business and technical work, and a lot of time is still in business and professional technology.


    "Human face" off

    Technical talents are easy to take two extremes in terms of human face.

    One is a person who does not speak human and face at all.

    They are not sensitive to interpersonal relationships, and their insights are not strong. Although they can talk about the key points and points, they are too direct or misnomers, sharp and mean, and they are not given a little face, making it difficult for others to accept.

    Even good advice and good wishes are likely to be counterproductive or even counterproductive because of the way the communication is done.

    Another type of technical talent is too much to talk about "human face."

    They pay special attention to "human feelings", good people, and soft hearts. For example, in the management team, they always think that there is no conflict, that is, the best team, and they hope to maintain a harmonious atmosphere of "a group of harmony." When the bad phenomenon occurs, it is because of "face", embarrassed or unwilling to criticize and punish people. Whenever people are criticized and punished, their own psychology always bears a great burden.

    Face-type managers want to be good people, do not dare to adhere to principles, or do not want to offend others for the benefit of the company. However, in management positions, we must face conflicts of interest conflicts and values. Some contradictions and conflicts can be resolved through some methods and techniques. Some contradictions and conflicts must be open to the public. At this time, we must choose firm positions and opinions. And the mud, it is even worse on both sides. This kind of "good guy" is not suitable for managers.

With the development of modern society and science and technology, those who are familiar with business, understand the profession, and have good management thinking and quality are the most urgently needed talents in the society. I hope that the technical talents who are willing to become excellent managers can get through the three as soon as possible. Off, successful transformation.

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