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Elevator safety knowledge small classroom|Safety education should start from the doll

Dec 24, 2018

Children are born to be active

Born to imitate

Also born to this unknown world

Full of curiosity.

The development and changes of society have brought many insecurities. I don't know if my parents are feeling like this.

(Children enter the elevator, curiosity is too heavy, always in front of you in the community or shopping malls, take the elevator one step ahead of you, often messing around, repeatedly pressing the switch door button, etc.)

Children lack life experience, can't recognize the right or wrong of action, and can't detect the danger. The elevator is a tool that is often used in everyday life, and its safety issues cannot be underestimated.

So today, our Manston elevator members walked into the kindergarten, popularized the civilized safety and took the knowledge of the elevator, helping the children to establish a safe riding ladder and cultivate the safe riding habits.

Sales Department Liu Likang Liu total picture

Video animation and other carriers give lectures to children

The interaction between the “teacher” and the students runs through the whole class, the atmosphere is very active, and the vivid way of lectures attracts many children! Seeing everyone's appearance in class, the performance is very positive, and the initiative to raise their hands to speak, and the content of the answer also makes us shine, the small basin friends are not simple!

The children also took the initiative to share the lessons of the lecture!

The performance is great...

In addition, we give each child

Brought a little surprise

I hope every child

All colored for dreams

Have a happy childhood

We hope that through this campus publicity activities, children will learn the basic knowledge of riding ladders, and at the same time pass on the knowledge they have learned to the people around them, let the children become small propagators, and bring the safe ride knowledge back. Family.

"Small hand and big hand, safe and consistent"

Do our best in Manston,

Advocate elevator safety,

Maintain the elevator civilization!

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