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Elevator safety knowledge

Aug 15, 2017

Elevator-type high-rise buildings in the indispensable vertical transport, it is mechanical and electrical integration of large-scale comprehensive equipment. Elevator to protect its safe and reliable, from many aspects set up preventive measures, such as electrical safety devices and mechanical safety devices. Among them, the electrical safety devices are: power control protection device, power supply phase sequence protection device, door lock electrical interlock device, emergency stop switch, overspeed protection switch, overload protection switch, limit switch, emergency stop switch, safety window switch Wait. Mechanical safety devices are brakes, speed limiters, safety gears, buffers, door hook locks, door safety touch panels. These safety devices ensure safe operation of the elevator. In the face of the elevator of the relevant knowledge to question and answer.

1 how does the elevator run?

The elevator has a car and a counterweight connected by a wire rope. The rope is driven by the traction of the drive (traction machine), causing the elevator car and the weight to move up and down on the inner rail of the elevator.

2 Is the rope of the elevator broken?

Elevator with a rope-type elevator dedicated, the country has special requirements and requirements. The rope is not only required to withstand the elevator car and the rated load, but also take into account the size of the traction, so the tensile strength of the wire rope is much larger than the elevator load, the safety factor is 12 or more, the general elevator has more than four wire rope , The elevator wire rope is not broken. 

3 Is there a danger of power failure in the elevator?

Elevator in the event of a sudden power failure or power line failure, the elevator will automatically stop running, there will be no danger. As the elevator itself is equipped with electrical, mechanical safety devices, once the power failure, the electrical actuator will automatically brake, so that the elevator can not run. In addition, if the power supply department plans to power out, notify the elevator in advance or stop running in advance. 

4 how to speed up the running of the elevator suddenly? 

The speed of the elevator, whether up or down, should be within the specified rated speed range, the general will not speed, if there is speed, in the elevator control system is anti-overspeed equipment, then the device will automatically move, slow down or stop elevator. 

5 elevator car overload can be automatically controlled? 

Elevator load according to the needs of different elevators, only in the specified load to run, beyond the elevator will automatically alarm, can not run. 

6 When the elevator is closed, the folder will cause damage to people?

Elevator in the closing process, if the car door door or people, the door will automatically re-open, not hurt. Because the door with anti-family switch, once the door touches people or things, this switch action so that the elevator can not close, and re-open, and then close the door. In addition, the closing force is determined by the degree that will not reach.

7 Can the hall of the elevator be clawed? 

The hall door of the elevator can not be clawed out of the courtroom and must be opened with a special tool (the tool is controlled by the maintenance personnel). Passengers are not allowed to pick the door, but can not open, otherwise there will be falling to the danger.

8 how to call the elevator? 

When you need to take the elevator, you should choose the direction button you want to go on the body panel of the elevator hall. Press the up button up and press the down button down. Elevator in the control system using the way to stop the way, if the anti-direction to the elevator to the floor without stopping. 

9 Is there a protective measure for the elevator and the roof? 

The elevator squatting to make the elevator car in the control system all failed, will go beyond the first layer of the floor position and down, until the squatting pit to stop the buffer. Buffer is set for this purpose of the protective device, the protective device according to the different running speed of the elevator, respectively, by the spring and hydraulic two. When the car to squat on the buffer is called squatting. At this point, the buffer on the impact of the elevator car to ease the role of the elevator passengers will not cause serious harm.