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Elevator safety issues

Jan 14, 2019

There are multiple safety devices in the elevator, but there are many places that are prone to problems. Some people have been caught because of the abnormality of the elevator door. Some people have encountered the failure of the elevator button. The black screen of the display cannot see the floor. Some people have experienced straight A few floors of danger. Although it may not cause personal injury, taking the elevator is not to find a stimulus, nor to play a movie. The real life is often disturbed by the frequent elevator accidents.


Since 2013, the news of elevators in Hubei, Xi'an, Shenzhen and other places has been "desperate". Many people have read and said, "I am flustered by the elevator." In 2012, there were 36 elevator accidents in China and 28 deaths. According to the survey, 21.74% of respondents said they often encountered elevator failures.

Elevator failures are mainly manifested in the following aspects:


      1. The electrical safety device fails;


      2. The braking torque is insufficient;


      3. Insufficient traction;


      4. The speed limiter fails;


      5. The safety gear is out of order.


      In addition, failure to comply with the rated load capacity (occupant number) of the elevator is seriously overloaded, or the deviation of the estimated load is large and the overload is delayed, which may cause the bottom of the elevator to occur.

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