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Elevator peeing is not just a quality issue or a suicide murder

Sep 11, 2018

     When you walk into the elevator, a "urinary scent" smell comes.

    "Urine molecules extend the nostrils all the way to the lungs"

    Is it unusually sour? It’s irritating to pee in the elevator.

    For this behavior,

    Maybe you think this is just a moral issue.

    "What is the quality?"


    Pee in the elevator

    It's definitely not just a matter of quality.

    According to the Chinese fire official WeChat news, on August 3 last year, a 6-year-old boy in a shopping mall in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, when riding the elevator alone, peeed on the control board position, causing the elevator circuit board to short-circuit the elevator, and then the boy repeatedly pressed the elevator. The buttons did not respond. In panic, the boy began to cry and jumped a few times in the elevator. Eventually he accidentally fell into the elevator shaft, causing multiple fractures of the brain injury.

    So it’s not just a matter of morality to pee in the elevator.

    It is very likely that it is "suicide".

    Or "murder"!

    There are many mechanical components and electrical components under the elevator car roof, car bottom, and landing door sill. Urine or other liquids flow to the elevators, which may cause corrosion of the components and may even cause Electrical components installed in these places fail,

    The danger may happen immediately, but it may not happen that one day suddenly erupts. If the elevator you used has been smashed, you have to be careful!

    In addition, a large number of wires and circuit boards are arranged on the car and the landing door, and the water ingress can cause the insulation of the electrical appliances and the wires to be reduced, and leakage occurs.

    Leakage is also likely to cause more serious damage to the elevator control system, causing a sudden drop or even falling.

    What do you do when you see the elevator getting into the water or being wet by the water in your daily life? First, the property management staff should be notified as soon as possible to suspend the elevator power supply.

    Until the liquid is cleaned and dried, then the professional maintenance personnel should check and test the circuit before putting it into use.

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