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Elevator noise, whether you are deeply disturbed?

Mar 22, 2017

It is very important for the elevator to ride comfort and ride experience.

The first is the structure design rationality, such as safety parts of the rigidity and strength, to ensure the reliability of safety components; car weight weight smooth lift; Longmen vertical beam meet the tensile strength under conditions of use, should have certain elasticity. All in all, have rigidity and elasticity between rail bracket and car Longmen vertical beam to reduce both the contact surface in the installation of rail line caused by torsion error, depending on the structure. A number of reasonable guide shoe, rubber damping pad, a beam, a guide rail bracket, the control system applied in the operation of elevator comfort, reduce noise.

The noise generated by the tractor is related to the size of the power supply. Current, bearing, traction rope groove geometric shape are the causes of noise, the noise source, because the object in motion will have friction, the friction will reduce the utility power, power is reduced after motor noise increases. But the friction between traction rope and rope groove is the contradiction between the source There are both advantages and disadvantages. The following is a comparison of the 1:1 traction sheave groove and the 2:1 complex sheave sheave.

1:1 traction sheave groove

1:1 rope groove by V type groove, steel wire rope friction force increase the stress in V type groove, and the deformation of wire rope is increased. When the wire rope is in the slot, there will be jitter, and the jitter will be passed through the wire rope to the car, even if the rubber block to solve the problem can only solve the sound, can not solve the problem of jitter. A solution to this problem is to change the traction rope groove geometry R semi circular arc and the guide wheel groove, through two rounds of between respooling increase the friction force to lift up the car and counterweight, but the spacing groove and the groove should not be too large, R groove surface roughness to 0.8, because of the traction wheel and the guide a slot wheel dislocation a little inclination in the import, wire rope slot, which requires the R slot to finish high, wire rope in and out of the slot time slip in and out of rope, so that no jitter, but then between the traction wheel and the guide wheel tension is 10 times of the car's gravity, two wrap angle and friction force at the same time increases, little effect on the geometric shape of R rope groove of the wire rope variant, play a good protective effect, the problem of noise and jitter are greatly improved.

elevator In  adopt the worm's  traction driving machine years, car noise is the number of times the current frequency of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, this is because the precision error, assembly error, resulting in worm and worm wheel friction in the rotation noise transmitted to the car through the wire rope. The car wall is made of thin steel plate, so it is easy to conduct and enlarge the noise. Now the car decoration in the car wall with adhesive paste, adhesive bonding layer is between the new decoration material and steel plate is reducing the noise level. Car decoration also increase the car weight, some companies put in the bottom of the car in marble, running up and down in the car at the end of the swing weight increase, will reduce the comfort is greatly improved, the noise is greatly reduced.

Each elevator products in the manufacturing, after the factory are the same, but through the installation of different teams after the installation of a difference. Among them, the alignment of the guide rail is closely related to the swing of the elevator. The elevator guide rail has three contact surface and the sliding surface with the shoe lining, in operation, while the car top two guide shoe, car bottom two guide shoe, if the contact surface with a curved guide, Longmen straight beam Gangdu too stiff to eliminate the elastic deformation, the car will swing with bending deformation guide. If the car is self gravity, the wobble will be reduced when it is twisted, which is the dynamic view of the object in motion.

The elevator car in well run due to pressure resistance and car body friction is a major cause of car noise, the research design is the appearance of the car, including a car roof and car bottom is designed into conical structure, exterior design is streamlined and very smooth, not with the steps of the car to reduce air resistance. In addition to the top of the well for a certain area of the window. To reduce the pressure resistance lift in high-speed operation well, this design to reduce noise, improve riding comfort has obvious effect.

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