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Elevator knowledge elevator common failure and troubleshooting

Mar 06, 2018

Mechanical system failure

(A) common mechanical system failure phenomenon and the reasons for the following categories:

    1, due to poor lubrication or lubrication system failure, resulting in parts of the rotating parts of the serious heating wear or hold the shaft, resulting in rolling or sliding parts of the parts destroyed.

    2, due to the frequent use of the elevator, some parts wear and tear, aging, maintenance is not in place, failed to replace or repair the worn parts in time, causing damage to further expand, forcing the elevator down.

    3, some of the fastening screws loose or loose due to vibration during the operation of the elevator, so that some parts, especially moving parts do not work properly caused elevator damage.

    4, due to elevator balance factor imbalance, or serious overload caused by large car jitter or leveling accuracy is poor, the elevator out of control speed, or even overhead or 礅 bottom, causing speed limiter - safety gear linkage, elevator downtime.

    (B) elevator mechanical system failure, maintenance workers should lift drivers, managers or passengers understand the failure of the situation and phenomenon. If the elevator is still running, the driver / administrator can use the jogging method to make the elevator up and down running, maintenance workers through the ear to hear, hand touch, measurement and other ways to analyze and determine the point of failure.

    (C) after the occurrence of the fault identified, according to the requirements of the relevant technical specifications, careful disassembly, cleaning, inspection and measurement, through the inspection to determine the cause of the malfunction, and according to the extent of wear and damage parts to repair or replacement.

    (D) after the elevator parts have been repaired or replaced, they should be delivered for inspection before they are put into operation.


Electrical control system failure and repair

    (A) common fault electrical control system

     1, from the scope of the elevator electrical fault occurs, the most common is the door machine system failure and electrical components caused by poor contact. Cause door machine system and electrical components and more failure reasons, the main components of the quality, installation and commissioning of the quality, maintenance and other quality.

    2, from the nature of the electrical fault, mainly short circuit and open circuit two categories.

Short circuit is due to some reason, is connected to the loop should not be connected or connected to a small resistance within the line. Cause of common short circuit of the elevator is failure of the mechanical and electronic interlocking of the direction contactor or relay, which may cause a short circuit caused by the contactor or relay grabbing action. When the main contact of the contactor is turned on or off, the generated electric arc causes the surrounding medium appliances Components of the media were breakdown and short circuit; electrical components of the insulation material aging, failure, damp caused a short circuit; due to external causes of electrical components of the insulation damage and external material invasion caused by a short circuit.

    Open circuit is due to some reason, resulting in the loop should be connected nowhere. Cause the main reason for the open circuit is the introduction of electrical components loosening; the circuit as a connection point welding Weld or poor contact; relay or contactor contacts arc burned; contact surface by the oxide layer; contact reed is turned on or Arc generated when the disconnect heating, cooling loss of elasticity, resulting in contacts of the contact pressure is not enough; relay or contactor pull or disconnect due to poor contact and poor contacts.

    (B) electrical control system fault judgment and exclusion

Judgment of electrical control system failure is based on the principle of elevator control. So to quickly eliminate the fault must master the circuit diagram of the regional control system to find out the elevator from the orientation, starting, acceleration, full speed operation, arrival forecast, speed, leveling, switch doors and other aspects of the whole process of working principle, The mutual control between the various electrical components, the electrical components, relays / contactors and their role in contact.

    And then determine the elevator electrical control failure, we must thoroughly understand the phenomenon of failure, in accordance with the circuit diagram of the phenomenon of failure, quickly and accurately analyze the reasons for the failure to determine and find the point of failure.

Elevator failure and general troubleshooting