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Elevator key management system

Jan 11, 2019

In order to cooperate with Party A to strengthen the unified management of elevator maintenance, service personnel and equipment, the company has established the following elevator key management system: 

1. Elevator opening ladder key: special maintenance by driver of elevator driver, without direct permission from the company It may not be transferred or transferred. It shall be placed at the designated place after use, and the number will be placed in the seat for easy identification. For the phenomenon of unlocking the elevator privately from the unrelated personnel, it is necessary to report to the supervisor of the group in time and replace the elevator lock in time;

 2. Computer room key: special maintenance by elevator maintenance personnel. For the same access door of the engine room and floor water room, the same key lock can be used in consultation with the competent personnel of Party A to have the key respectively; for the machine room door of the elevator equipment, Separate lock. If you have not obtained the direct license from the company, you may not transfer or transfer it. After use, put it at the designated place to lock the number of multiple computer rooms, arrange the number, check the number, and identify it easily. If the key is lost and the lock cannot be used, it must be replaced in time. If the door lock is opened, if it is found that the lost equipment or equipment is damaged, it must be reported to the company, Party A or the police in time to handle the responsibility;

3. Door opening key: It is held by the maintenance personnel qualified by the company. This key is used for opening the outer door in case of emergency. It cannot be transferred or loaned without the direct permission of the company management personnel. Trade-in. After leaving the company, the key should be handed over to the company and not allowed to be taken away. The above regulations require relevant personnel to strictly abide by the implementation, and will be notified if there are any changes.

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