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Elevator installation progress and quality issues

Aug 23, 2018

Because the elevator parts are scattered and installed in the engine room of the elevator, the wall around the hoistway, the hall door of each tier, and the pit of the hoistway, the elevator is inseparable from the civil works of the building. Although the elevator products with different specifications have relatively specific requirements for the elevator engine room, shaft, landing door, pit, etc., most construction departments do not agree on the design and construction of the elevator civil works, and will always appear with the elevator installation. The civil engineering problems that are not compatible with the requirements have affected the progress and quality of the elevator installation.

       The civil engineering problems affecting the installation progress mainly include the following aspects:

       (1) The reserved hole leading to the hoistway of the machine room is not left or deviated from the center.

       (2) The reserved hole of the bearing wall of the load-bearing steel beam of the pre-embedded traction machine in the machine room is not left.

       (3) The load-bearing hooks in the machine room are off-center, and it is not convenient to lift and position the traction machine.

       (4) Large deviation of the overall size of the shaft

       (5) The reserved hole size of the landing door is too large.

       (6) The reserved hole in the hall call box is not reserved.

       (7) The depth dimension of the pit boring does not meet the requirements.

       (8) The power supply line (or cable) in the equipment room is not properly delivered or equipped to meet the technical requirements of the elevator.


       The main problems affecting the quality of installation are as follows:


       (1) The overall dimensional deviation of the hoistway is large, and the strength of some of the guide rail brackets after welding is reduced.

       (2) The intermediate beam should be erected in the hoistway without erection, or even a hollow brick wall, so that the guide rail bracket installed in these parts can not play a predetermined role.

       (3) The position of the landing door sill is far from the landing door, and the remedial measures such as adding or adding brackets will not achieve satisfactory results.

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